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Better Rates, Better Car Loans

  • Streamlined finance – we’ll give you our best rates and cheaper loans the first time you ask!
  • Our competitive rates reflect our winning attitude – we don’t like to be outdone
  • So we offer a cash guarantee. If you can source a cheaper finance package than our offer, we’ll not only match that offer but we’ll also give you $200**

We Source Deeper and Wider

Not committed to one or even limited to a small handful of truck finance options, our experience as a truck finance brokers gives us the freedom to find you a better package from a wider range of sources. In fact, we seek options from over 40 individual lenders, representing literally hundreds of loan products. We look further afield than others and we’re not constricted by the stringent loan guidelines which you will find when dealing with traditional banks and financial companies.

  • Complete Truck Business Finance
  • Both Unsecured and Secured Finance Options
  • Commercial Truck Finance Packages with Flexible Terms of up to 7 years for repayments
  • Truck Finance Deals for all sized business – from owner/operator through to large fleet deals
  • Low Docs and Bad Credit Truck Finance Deals
  • Refinancing Truck Finance

Your Truck Finance Specialist

Finance, loans and interest rates dominate the media, making it very clear that there are a lot of players on this super highway. To secure the best deal, you need to have confidence that your truck finance broker is the real deal and can deliver on promises. Well, you can have confidence in Jade Finance because we are genuine specialists in the field. As part of an organisation which was established in 1998, we’ve used our time wisely to build our knowledge base, expertise, skill and experience across the sector.

We have knowledge not only of finance but we also keep abreast of issues facing the trucking and transport industry so we can tailor our packages to specifically address the challenges you’re facing. Your Jade Finance consultant will work specifically in your best interests and only your interests at every stage of the loan process – from your first call to us through to settlement.

As an Australian-owned and operated business, we know the challenges faced by all businesses to contain costs in a volatile operating environment. To assist you in easing your operating costs, Jade Truck Loans provide a superior level of service, a comprehensive range of offerings and great truck finance deals to support your business growth objectives.

  • Cost-effective loan deals and truck finance packages
  • Private individual truck loans and corporate business packages
  • Finance for both used and new trucks
  • Loan for one truck or finance for your entire fleet
  • Purchases through both dealers and private sellers

Whether you’re just coming into the truck industry as an owner-operator or you’re an industry veteran, Jade will take full control of the process of organising your truck finance. Your personal consultant will first discuss your requirements and objectives, then source you a quote and offer on the truck of your choice, explain all the details to you in language you will understand, and once you are happy with the offer, will proceed to organise all the paperwork for you through approvals and final settlement.

Nothing is too much trouble for your Jade Finance consultant

  • Have a quick, no-obligation, initial discussion
  • Organise a pre-approved truck loan to use as a negotiating tool when you head to the dealership
  • First loan applicants welcome
  • No docs, low docs, bad credit applicants treated with respect and – no problems!

So if you’re in the market for a new truck, then talk to us about arranging a sensational finance package to suit your business objectives with better interest rates to your operating costs and optimise your hard-earned profits.

Speak with a Jade Finance Consultant for a great truck finance deal. Call 1300 000 003

Better Truck Loans, Better Loan Rates

Trucking is a tough, competitive business and we’re there to support you with a better loan on your truck finance because we have better rates. And we’ll make it happen without a fuss. No need to wheel and deal, we get straight down to business and offer you our best rate in the first conversation. Let’s face it, neither of us has time to waste on meaningless talk when there’s real business to be done, real money to be made. Minimal chat - we offer you the best interest rates we can source to suit your loan application. This is not just talk, we actually back our words with a guarantee that if you can possibly find a truck finance deal that is better than what we’re offering, we’ll give you $200** cash and match that offer.

Finance Skill, Business Drive

One quick call to Jade Truck Loans and you’ll quickly realise that you’re dealing with a consultant that genuinely knows the truck finance business and is genuinely interested in easing your operating costs by sourcing you a workable truck finance package. Not surprisingly, you want to know how we can do that, beat the banks and financial institutions. We do it through our experience. As Aussie truck finance brokers, we enjoy the freedom of the finance highway – able to source the best rates and best packages from hundreds of sources and products until we track down the one that best suits you.

Fast Service, Settlements and Approvals in No Time.

Time is not only money, it’s your business day. Waste time and you’re wasting your money and your business. We work to that principle and respect that you do too. So we get on with the job of moving your truck finance deal along, quickly and easily – making the traditional process you’re used to from banks and finance companies look like it’s in reverse! We have processes established to streamline truck finance deals to get approvals and settlements completed, in the same day if you need it!

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