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Key to cost-effective commercial credit is the interest rate. As experts in the commercial lending field, we have established the right lender connections and we have the negotiating power to ensure we can deliver those better rates for our customers. Review and compare our best current business loan rates as a guide when planning and contact us for one of our consultants to source a specific quote based on your individual requirements.

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Better Business Finance for Better Business Outcomes

Better businesses can be built through hard work and the skill, expertise, innovation and competence of the owners and operators. But very few operations will achieve targeted outcomes and genuine success without the support of effective funding. We provide better funding solutions to assist all types of operations to build a better enterprise. As an Australian company, we know the aspirations and expectations that operators have for their ventures. We know that many rely heavily on credit as integral to the viability of the operation. With over 25 years in commercial lending and specialising in asset acquisition credit, cash flow support and other forms of funding, we have the lender connections, resources, expertise and the enthusiasm to support you to achieve your goals with better funding. If you want to build a better commercial operation, talk to us about better funding.
Optimised Business Finance for Superior Business Results.

Find Better Tax Benefits with Asset Acquisition Finance for Business

At the core of acquiring assets is the need to achieve an expected return on that investment and that the purchase does not put pressure on cash flow. Our consultants are across all elements of the funding process to ensure the most cost-effective offer is secured and that customers receive the appropriate tax benefits. We stay up-to-date with commercial funding and asset acquisition tax rulings and structure funding to deliver the benefits that will drive productivity and achieve ROI. Funding is sourced for all types of trucks, all types of equipment used by a commercial entity and for all types of commercial vehicles.

Business Equipment Financing

ROI targeted asset funding for all plant, machinery, equipment, new and used.

Plant and Machinery Loans

Engineering, industrial, logistics, agricultural operations.

Truck Loans

Individually sourced credit to purchase heavy, medium, light duty vehicles, with and without trailer, new and used.

Prime Mover Financing

Financing for Kenworth, Mack, Scania, Volvo and all leading brands.

Business Car Loans

Best rates for SUV, utes, cab chassis, passenger car funding. New and used, EVs and traditional power vehicles.

Commercial Van Loans

Best terms and conditions on new and used models.

IT, Tech Equipment Finance

Loan options for hardware and software, single devices and entire installations.

Comprehensive Types of Loans for Business

Our funding products are comprehensive and inclusive for all commercial entities and for all requirements. We provide options and opportunities for operators to secure cost-effective credit to acquire assets, cover non-asset expenditure, support cash flow and to target more specific shortfalls and purposes.
  • Commercial Car Financing
  • Loans for Business Equipment
  • Truck Financing
  • General Business Loans and Financing
  • Refinancing Business Loans
  • Cash Flow Shortage Loans and Support
  • Targeted Loans for Business
Diverse Commercial Loan Options.

Get Estimates with Our Business Loan Calculator

A lot of planning and budgeting can be required with major asset acquisitions or when other funding support is needed. We provide an easy-to-use, free to use business loan calculator to ensure operators can quickly obtain the funding estimates needed to advance their plans. Any offer we source is based on your individual requirements and may vary from the calculator results. But this is an extremely helpful pre-application funding tool. Change any of the values to compare estimates for a range of different assets and to clarify what you would like in regard to credit term and balloon.

Find the Business Loan Facilities that Suit Your Business

To be better and to deliver better outcomes, commercial asset funding has to work with the structure, tax approach and accounting methods and practices of the entity. We have all the different funding products available to suit all types of Australian enterprises. All these products can be used to acquire assets including plant, machinery and equipment, trucks and vehicles. And we source every quote and offer individually with the best rates and better terms and conditions.

  • Chattel Mortgage Loans
  • Asset Lease
  • Rent-to-Own
  • Commercial Hire Purchase
  • Fixed better interest rates
  • Fixed negotiated terms
  • Fixed workable repayments
  • Balloon, residual, buyback options
  • No deposit business finance

Finance for Business Solutions to Achieve Better Outcomes

Commercial operations require a range of funding solutions outside the area of asset acquisitions. Whether cash flow support is needed on a short or long-term basis; credit needed to pay for non-asset goods and services; or solutions are needed for specific problem areas, we have the commercial credit products to deliver better outcomes.

Our consultants work closely with each customer to structure a credit solution which is targeted to individual requirements and to achieving the required results.

  • Business Overdraft – best rates to address short-term shortages or as a long-term line of credit.
  • Unsecured Business Loans – negotiated terms to cover a wide range of expenses.
  • Secured Business Finance – specifically sourced and structured to suit the specific purpose.
  • Insurance Premium Funding – easily deal with those large insurance premiums with an instalment plan.
  • Debtor Invoice Funding – deal with slow-paying customers and achieve workable cash flow levels.
  • Refinancing Loans for Business – rework existing commitments to achieve a better outcome.

Get Financing Solutions for Self-employed, Small & New Businesses

We’re an Australian commercial credit broker and we fully support individuals that venture into working for themselves or setting up a small operation. Where some lenders may not have the credit facilities to provide cost-effective solutions for smaller enterprises, we do.

Our broker-style lending services are not exclusively available to large companies. Our services are available for all operators whether just starting out, with small turnover, of a small size or with other issues that prevent workable solutions being obtained from banks and some lenders. To find out how we may support your venture, give us a call.

Fast Settlement on Finance to Purchase a Business

Buying an existing commercial venture and need funding? We provide expert services in sourcing and structuring funding to suit the specific, and sometimes unique, buyer requirements. We work with buyers of all types of establishments including caravan and holiday parks; hospitality venues; petrol stations; retail outlets; general commercial operations and all types of industrial companies. Complex acquisitions are handled expertly to ensure fast and efficient settlement.

  • Buy Business Finance
  • Business Purchase Loan
  • Business Acquisition Finance
  • Straightforward and complex transactions handled expertly
  • Individually structured terms to work with long-term plans

Online Access to Better Business Loan Broker Services

Over our 25 years as a commercial business finance broker, we have established a reputation for being ahead of the curve, especially in relation to embracing technology and innovation. To ensure all types of customers in all locations can easily access our services and to ensure time efficiency, we provide online access to our services. Phone service is of course always available for those that prefer or require a discussion around their requirements.

  • Request a business finance quote online.
  • Apply for a business loan online.
  • Compare rates, calculate estimates online.

Get Financing for Business Expertise – All Industries, All Enterprises, All Australia

With an all-inclusive approach, we don’t confine access to our expert services to any one type of funding, one industry sector or even to one type of enterprise such as large companies. All types of operations in all industries across Australia can access our expertise to obtain better rates on commercial funding. We work with customers in all areas of Australia, from the CBDs to the regions, to agricultural operations across all states, to remote mining and infrastructure projects and all points in between.

Our consultants are fully trained and qualified and we know financials. We’re equipped, skilled and knowledgeable to negotiate the best rates and structure better funding that meets the specifics for all types of commercial purposes for all enterprises. We appreciate that the credit term and any conditions attached to a funding deal can be as critical as the rates. That’s why we cover all aspects,  every detail of the funding, to ensure not only competitive rates but flexible terms and workable conditions.

Working with us is easy as each customer is designated a consultant with experience in their field to handle their requirements. All discussions are completely confidential as we work through the options with you and source the most suitable offer that will work for your operation.

Our experience extends across all Australian industries including:- commercial construction and residential building; medical and health sector; mining and resources sectors; fitness industry; agricultural and farming; hospitality and catering; professional services; transport and logistics; retail; cleaning and laundry services; IT and tech services; landscaping, forestry and land management; earthmoving and civil works; and many others.

  • Business Loans Australia Wide.
  • Financing Business in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth, Hobart, Darwin.
  • Business Loans for operations in NSW, QLD, VIC, WA

Fast Non-Bank and Bank Business Loans – Better Lender Selection

While better rates and flexible terms are critical to the cost of funding, the choice of lender and having access to the most suitable lenders can determine the rate and the terms. Banks and non-bank lenders operate to their own guidelines and approval criteria. Rates vary with lenders and can vary for different industries and for enterprises with different profiles.

We provide access to a better selection of lenders, both banks and through the non-bank lending sector. Our longevity in the commercial lending sector has enabled us to achieve accreditations with more than 80 lenders including non-bank lenders that specialise in key industry sectors.

This access can be vital to operators achieving an outcome that is specifically suited to their industry, their enterprise and will work to achieve their goals. Our services are fully inclusive – from the initial contact by phone or online through to settlement. One of our consultants will be handling your requirements to ensure fast and efficient service to expedite your purchase.

We are trusted by 80+ lenders and thousands of customers that we have worked with across our three decades in commercial lending. Smart operators know that referring to experts is an important and integral part of running a successful enterprise. To utilise our expertise, experience and enthusiasm to source better funding and success, simply give us a call or connect online.

  • Providing access to 80+ lenders.
  • 25+ years of experience.
  • Australian owned and operated finance broker.
  • Specialist Business Broker Services.
  • Fast, efficient service.
  • Better rates, better terms and overall better financing outcomes.

Apply Online for Fast Loan for Business Approval and Settlement

Using our expert services to source your funding does not mean additional stages or complexities to the process. We actually streamline the process of sourcing credit and save our customers time. Our direct connections with the right lenders ensure we can source quick quotes and arrange fast approvals. We have acquired a reputation for not only our better rates but our same-day credit approvals.

Applying for funding is a simple process. You can complete the application online or discuss it with us over the phone. An ABN is required for all commercial credit applications but being registered for GST is not an essential requirement. Applicants will be required to provide financials which may include tax returns, BAS returns, annual accounts, profit and loss statements and similar. Sole traders and some small enterprises may be requested to provide personal financials also.

Where all the financials are not available, speak with us about our low doc and no doc options.

  • Apply for business loan online.
  • Quick business finance quotes.
  • Fast approval – same day, 24 hours
  • Prompt business financing settlement.
Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Business Loans FAQ's

  • As an asset, a tractor may be funded with the operator’s choice of Rent-to-Own, Hire Purchase, Lease and Chattel Mortgage.

  • Non-asset expenses such as training programs may be funded through a secured or unsecured commercial credit product. This is subject to lender approval.

  • The same products – Chattel Mortgage, Rent-to-Own, Lease and Hire Purchase, are used for both new and used truck purchases. But the rates, terms and conditions can be different for used vehicles.

  • Lenders will typically display their lowest rates for car funding. These will be for good credit profile customers and new cars. Individual offers may be different. Operators may request a quote to obtain an exact interest rate for their car purchase.

  • Both Leasing and Chattel Mortgage are highly effective and widely used to purchase commercial cars. Deciding which is the best option will depend on the approach to tax and balance sheet and the method of accounting used by the operation.

  • Sole traders that are starting new ventures may not have all the financials required for a commercial credit application form. They may seek lenders and brokers that offer low doc and no doc options.

  • A balloon is a set percentage of the total amount of the credit which is due in full after the last repayment is made.

  • Chattel Mortgage is a secured credit product used for the purchase of all types of assets including trucks, cars and equipment.

  • Cash flow shortages and pressures may be addressed with a line of credit, an overdraft or a secured or unsecured credit product.

  • Yes. Estimates on commercial credit can be obtained using an online credit calculator.

  • The same credit products may be used for the purchase of all types of heavy vehicles. But the interest rate and other specifics of the funding will vary with individual operator details. The age and condition of used vehicles can impact the loan.

  • Construction equipment can be financed with the choice of Rent-to-Own, Leasing, Chattel Mortgage or Hire Purchase. The best credit product will be the one that suits the accounting method used by the entity and its approach to tax, balance sheet and other accounting aspects.

  • No. An ABN is essential but not GST registration.

  • No. Interest rates vary with different types of commercial loans and will vary with individual applications.

  • Vehicles to be used in a commercial operation, including utes, can be funded with the choice of Lease, Chattel Mortgage or Hire Purchase. The most suitable option will depend on the accounting method and other aspects of the enterprise.