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Jade Finance offers the portfolio of commercial finance products at the best interest rates. To allow you to quickly and clearly compare our cheap interest rates on different loans, we’ve provided this reference calculator. It shows our current achievable interest rates across our products. All you have to do is enter your loan amount and the loan term you would like and you can see estimated repayments for several different types of equipment loans. To confirm an exact quote for your equipment finance, please speak with one of our consultants on 1300 000 008.

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Equipment Finance – Your Preferred Supplier

With nearly 20 years of experience in obtaining finance solutions for businesse and as an Australian-owned business, we have a profound understanding of the needs of Australian business when it comes to replacing, upgrading or acquiring new equipment and machinery.

Our services are structured to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses in many industries and we are resourced with high-end technology to support our highly-skilled team of consultants. Once you have selected the equipment you want to purchase, we’ll get straight down to the business of organising the finance. Or even before that – we can organise a pre-arranged finance package structure to meet your budget so you can confidently proceed with your purchase.

Who knows, with what we may save you on interest rates and hence repayments, you may be able to invest in some additional optional extras on your equipment.
Preferred Supplier for Equipment Loans

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Finance Rates

The interest rate is the key factor in achieving cost-effective finance. In simple terms, the cheaper the rate the cheaper the finance. We consistently achieves the best rates across our finance portfolio with our strong bargaining power with our lenders and the sharp negotiating skills of our expert consultants. We’ve got the connections with the lenders that you need to achieve the best equipment finance rate. Check out our current rates and see what we can achieve for you.

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Equipment Finance Bad Credit

Banks traditionally do not offer finance to applicants with bad credit. We are accredited with many non-bank lenders that do. Our professional team of consultants has the expertise and the industry-only level lender contacts that can deliver cost-effective finance offers for business finance for bad credit. Don’t just wonder, just call and discuss your requirements.

Equipment Loan Calculator

Asset acquisitions often require advanced planning, cost forecasting and budget projections. They also require comparing the prices and affordability of different makes and models in terms of repayments. We make the process of calculating estimated repayment quick and easy with our equipment loan calculator. Free to use and accessible whenever and wherever you have connectivity it’s the essential equipment finance planning tool. Try it now.

Equipment Chattel Mortgage

A somewhat unusual name but a very straightforward and widely-used type of finance, Chattel Mortgage suits many businesses and many different equipment purchases. Some banks refer to this type of finance simply as Equipment Loan. A tax benefit is derived through depreciation of the asset in the end of year business accounts. So this is the most suitable finance product for those looking to take advantage of accelerated asset depreciation measures. See the full product description and find the advantages and disadvantages of chattel mortgage.

Equipment Leasing

Leasing is popular with businesses that do not want the full cost of the asset to appear on their company balance sheet. With this type of finance, the equipment remains on the balance sheet of the lender and the borrower repays the finance in tax deductible monthly lease payments. With Jade’s cheap, fixed interest rates, fixed leasing terms and our expertise in negotiating favourable terms and conditions, leasing could be the right finance product for your requirements. Find out more of the features and benefits.

Equipment Hire Purchase

Not to be confused with hiring or renting a piece of machinery for a short-term task, Hire Purchase or Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) is a type of finance used by many businesses. With CHP, the lender acquires the equipment and the borrower pays a monthly hire fee over a fixed finance term. When all payments are finalised, the borrower takes full ownership. Throughout the loan period the borrower has full use of the equipment. There are tax benefits with CHP that may suit your business set-up. Check out the details of CHP, discuss with your accountant and then request a cheap interest rate CHP quote from us.

Unsecured Business Loan Option for Equipment

The most popular forms of commercial finance facilities – Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and CHP – are all based on a secured loan format. The equipment is used as security against the loan. In some cases the machinery being purchased is not suitable to be offered as security or individual lenders do not accept the equipment as security. To suit these businesses, we offer large and small unsecured business loans. As implied, no security is provided against the loan. As such interest rates are higher but we can still source and negotiate workable outcomes to suit your business. Speak with one of our consultants about the possibility of an unsecured loan for your equipment acquisition.

Equipment Finance Broker

You likely engage experts and specialists to handle many aspects and tasks of your business. So it is logical that astute operators would also engage a specialist to arrange their plant and machinery finance. We operate as a broker style lender and with our multiple accreditations with banks and the all-important non-bank sector, we have the capabilities and the expertise to source you cheaper finance deals. We save you time, we save you hassle and with our cheaper rates we ultimately save you money. Find out more of the benefits of our equipment finance broker service.

Commercial Haulage and Cargo Trailer Finance

As experts in commercial finance, we fully understand the truck and trailer market and have the expertise and capabilities to source truck trailer finance that is custom-structured to work with your cash flow and meet your projected ROI. We offer you the choice of a comprehensive portfolio of finance products so you can select exactly the loan to suit your business. Our services are available to all types of businesses including sole traders, owner-operators and SME with finance for all types of trailers. Call to see how we can deliver your preferred finance deal.

Aircraft Finance

The acquisition of aircraft can be a complex process but Jade simplifies the finance side of the process with expertise in sourcing cost-effective, workable finance offers for all types of aircraft and all types of businesses. Whether it is for rotary wing (helicopters), fixed wing or even professional level drones, you can select from our range of jet and aircraft finance products for the purchase. Financing is available for all aircraft users – airlines, charter operators, tourist operators, flying schools, agri businesses, surveillance and monitoring operations and private companies. Speak with us about our structured finance options.

Farm Equipment Loans

Farming and agriculture can be a tough business so when it comes to sourcing loans for new equipment, you’ll be pleased to know, we make it easy. Simply brief our consultants on your requirements and they will handle the entire finance process for you. Sourcing quotes, negotiating on rates and conditions with the lenders, handling the paperwork and relieving you of much of the stress and hassle you may endure when you handle the process yourself. Our streamlined service is focussed on delivering the best outcome for you, our customer. We offer all types of loans for all types of equipment, quickly and easily.

Civil Plant and Machinery Loans

When you’re operating in a highly cost-competitive field, often on fixed priced contracts and low margin tenders, getting cheap loans on your plant and machinery is an absolute essential. The civil equipment sector is one of our key markets, we understand your business environment, we know what you need by way of finance and we have the ability to meet your machinery finance needs. Our accreditation with specialist equipment non-bank lenders gives us that competitive edge that allows us to source cheap, specialist loans for civil sector operators. Give us a quick call to request a no-obligation quote.

Construction Equipment Financing

Financing yellow goods and other types of construction equipment is one of our specialty areas of finance. Our consultants are across the sector and we have the connections with the lenders that are flexible when it comes to negotiating on those all-important interest rates and finance terms and conditions. Your Jade Finance consultant handles the entire finance process for you and we offer you the choice of a full portfolio of loan options. Find out more about our finance services for our construction industry customers or just get started by giving us a call to source you a cheap loan quote.

Medical Equipment Finance

Our services extend to source cost-effective finance for all types of medical equipment for all types of businesses. Sole practitioners, partnerships, medical centres, aged care facilities, specialist diagnostic facilities, hospitals, nursing homes and large corporate medical operators can all benefit from our individual and custom approach to medical equipment finance. We are accredited with a large range of lenders which includes those that specialise in medical loans. An asset that we use to source our customers the best finance for their medical acquisitions.

Truck Finance - Compare Your Heavy Vehicle Loans Here

Whether you’re a sole trader, single vehicle owner-operator, a family business or a massive transport operation, you are welcome to realise the benefits of using Jade Finance to source your truck finance. We support our customers by handling the entire loan process – sourcing the cheapest offer from across our vast lender network, structuring the finance deal to best suit your preferences and your operation and handling the paperwork. We offer you the full range of loan products and save you time in getting that cheap truck finance deal to power your business. Find out more or just get on with it by giving us a call.

Better Rates, Better Equipment Loans

  • Streamlined finance – we’ll give you our best rates and cheaper loans the first time you ask!
  • Our competitive rates reflect our winning attitude – we don’t like to be outdone
  • So we offer a cash guarantee. If you can source a cheaper finance package than our offer, we’ll not only match that offer but we’ll also give you $200**
Improved Rates for Enhanced Equipment Finance

Meet Your Budget Goals with a Equipment Loans Package

Our consultants are committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives by securing you the best finance deal and best interest rates possible. Whether you’re just starting out and need equipment to get your new business happening or you’ve been in business for decades, whatever your industry, Jade Equipment Finance can assist with a solution to suit your tax requirements and accounting structure.

Just discuss your requirements with ouir consultants who will effectively become your personal business manager. Assessing your requirements in line with your business objectives, canvassing all the options, structuring a package for your consideration and once you agree that is the right solution for you – handling the paperwork, process, approvals right through the final settlement when you can take possession of your equipment and put it to work.

  • New business operators and first-time business loan applicants welcome
  • You are not in possession of all the documentation demanded by the banks – no problem
  • Not a problem if you have experienced issues with credit applications previously
  • Finance arranged for sole operators, partnerships, family businesses, SME’s and large corporates across Australia

Equipment Finance Expertise

You benefit from our experience in financing a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment for a full spectrum of industries over many years and the expertise, insight and understanding we bring to your finance deal. As an experienced equipment finance broker, we enjoy the flexibility to go well beyond the confines of a limited range of loan options which constrict the deals you will be offered by most banks and many finance institutions. We have full access to hundreds of business loan options from more than 40 lending organisations, most of which are not directly accessible to those outside the industry. Our focus is your business and we will track down the best option to meet your business goals and suit your cashflow demands.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Business Finance

Whether you’re a sole trader, SME or large multi-national, your options when organising finance are usually the bank, a financial institution and a broker. The key benefits of dealing with us, compared with the others are primarily that we are not hamstrung by rigid rules and guidelines set out by our head office, nor to a limited range of business finance options. We have the freedom and flexibility to source your finance solutions from multiple lenders and we can offer the full range of business finance packages.

  • Chattel Mortgage for machinery and equipment
  • Commercial Hire Purchase package
  • Machinery or Equipment Lease
  • An Operating Lease of Equipment Rental arrangement.
  • Refinancing of existing equipment finance to improve cashflow.
  • Flexible repayment terms

Timely Service. Prompt Response. Efficient Process.

We operate to both our own and your demanding levels of productivity and efficiency to ensure a streamlined and timely process in securing your equipment finance deal. We minimise the time you need to spend by canvassing all possible options from multiple lenders to present you with preferred solution for your purchase. We handle the paperwork, the negotiations, comparisons and with your own Jade Equipment consultant to liaise with – we eliminate the frustration of waiting for calls to be returned, questions to be answered and emails replied to. We’re working for you, to your deadlines, to your budgets and to meet your expectations.

Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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General FAQ’s

  • What loans are available to purchase equipment for a business? What loans are available to purchase equipment for a business? What loans are available to purchase equipment for a business? What loans are available to purchase equipment for a business?

  • The type of car loans available differ for personal or private vehicles and business vehicles. The most popular loan for buyers of cars for personal use is a Secured Car Loan. This suits new vehicles and many used vehicles, depending on lender accepting the car as suitable security. Businesses can select from a number of finance options including Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • The type of car loans available differ for personal or private vehicles and business vehicles. The most popular loan for buyers of cars for personal use is a Secured Car Loan. This suits new vehicles and many used vehicles, depending on lender accepting the car as suitable security. Businesses can select from a number of finance options including Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • The type of car loans available differ for personal or private vehicles and business vehicles. The most popular loan for buyers of cars for personal use is a Secured Car Loan. This suits new vehicles and many used vehicles, depending on lender accepting the car as suitable security. Businesses can select from a number of finance options including Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • The type of car loans available differ for personal or private vehicles and business vehicles. The most popular loan for buyers of cars for personal use is a Secured Car Loan. This suits new vehicles and many used vehicles, depending on lender accepting the car as suitable security. Businesses can select from a number of finance options including Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and Commercial Hire Purchase.

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Jaz W
Jaz W
10 July 2023
Huge shout out to Scott Clapham! From start to finish, you can't fault him. He is quick, thorough and explains everything properly. The ease of the process was fantastic and I never had a chance to follow up on how anything was going because Scott would call me first with any updates. Got my loan across the line with speed and ease and a much better rate than I was offered anywhere else. Thank you very much for all your help, we will be picking up our camper trailer in the next few days!
Shelley M
Shelley M
29 June 2023
Daine was prompt and professional and made the process seamless and uncomplicated. I would highly recommend Daine, Richard and the Team at Jade Finance for any of your Personal finance needs. Sincerest thanks from our family.
11 June 2023
Josh was great to deal with, understood what I wanted and my particular situation. Found a suitable deal which met my requirements very quickly. Great communication.
peter van echtelt
peter van echtelt
4 June 2023
thanks Josh for making my boat loan a great experience i appreciate the hard work and the updates and the help you gave me no matter the questions I had ,definitely be calling you guys when i need to take out another loan
29 April 2023
Very Happy with Ezra, Swift and honest, will use again in the future
Ben Wood
Ben Wood
22 April 2023
Exceptional service, Graham Scott was really Easy and friendly, and really does try to find the best for you
Office Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!!
Office Teddy & CO FUNLAND!!!
22 April 2023
Matt offered us a great service for 3 of our company’s vehicles. And we will go back for the 4th Highly recommended
Micayla Norris
Micayla Norris
19 April 2023
Josh and Jay helped me for finance for my new car. I had never purchased a brand-new car before so wasn't quite sure of the process. It was unbelievably quick and easy - had an approval as soon as I supplied the few documents required. Josh was extra helpful - happy to always give me a quick ring if I had any questions. Super pleased with the experience and will definitely be coming back for our next car :) Thanks again guys.
13 April 2023
This is the second time I have used Jade finance to per cure a loan & they have very easy to deal with, Chris Fahy is an excellent person too deal with, I will use again if needed. 😀
22 March 2023
Matt was great to deal with and provided excellent customer service to us through the whole process. We would highly recommend Jade Finance and will definitely be a returning customer. Thank you guys.

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