26 Apr

Feeling the pinch? Relief for business pinch and pain points

When an individual has an ache or pain, they typically seek medical treatment. When planning marketing strategies, a business often starts by addressing the pain points of its customers. Identifying their problems and presenting specific goods and services to solve those issues. But in focussing on other people’s pains, do you spend enough time addressing… Continue reading Feeling the pinch? Relief for business pinch and pain points

9 Apr

Ship Stuck in Suez Canal. So what?

With floods impacting eastern Australia, the COVID-19 vaccine roll-out entering the crucial stage 1B and a raft of issues in Federal Parliament dominating the news headlines, the story about a container ship blocking the Suez Canal has taken a few days to reach the front pages of the national mastheads. In case you missed it,… Continue reading Ship Stuck in Suez Canal. So what?

2 Apr

Autumnal Tidings: Budget Time

Will it be a winter of discontent or a winter wonderland? After more than 12 months of dealing with the coronavirus pandemic, most people will no doubt be looking forward to increasingly improving economic times. Much of our good news bad news will likely come on 11 May when the Treasurer, Josh Frydenderg, hands the… Continue reading Autumnal Tidings: Budget Time

19 Feb

Insurance and Your Loan

When taking out a loan or finance, borrowers also need to consider insurance. Most of the loans and finance arranged through Jade Finance are on a secured loan or finance basis. This includes our personal loan categories – Secured Car Loans, Secured Motorcycle Loans, Secured Boat Loans and Secured Caravan Loans business finance – Chattel… Continue reading Insurance and Your Loan