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Networking, connecting and engagement are key to smart business operators. Key to sourcing customers and making sales but equally essential in establishing working partnerships with synergistic businesses that can enhance your offering and value-add to your proposition.

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Our partner proposition

The opportunity to accelerate and streamline closing the sale with your customers through the quick referral to Jade Finance to handle their loans and finance requirements.

When your customer requires finance to complete their purchase, you are sure to be well-aware of the risk of losing the sale if they need to go away to arrange their finance. Having the capability in-house to make the immediate referral to a reliable, highly-accredited, fully licensed source of finance can greatly increase your chances of retaining the customer and closing that all-important sale.

The opportunity to expand your services to include the full range of personal loan and business finance products offered by Jade Finance.

  • Personal Car Loans
  • Business Vehicle Finance
  • Truck Loans
  • Motorbike Loans
  • Plant, Machinery and Equipment Finance
  • Personal Boat Loans
  • Marine Finance
  • Caravan, Camper Trailer and RV Finance
  • General Business Loans and Finance
  • Specialised Business Finance including non-bank overdrafts, insurance premium funding, debtor invoice funding
  • Low Docs and No Docs Loan Options
  • Full range of commercial finance facilities – leasing, CHP, Chattel Mortgage, Rent to Own

The opportunity to offer your customers access to both major banks and a non-bank lenders including specialist, broker-only contacts.

Jade Finance is accredited with a large number of lenders. By partnering with us, as a broker, you’re not limited to just one source of finance for your customers such as a bank or finance company can offer. We source the cheapest loans as we have more choices and greater flexibility.

The opportunity to gain the competitive edge through a contemporary and complete product offering that meets customer expectations.

Sellers and retailers partnering with financial services is certainly not a new concept. But it is increasing in popularity and in some ways has become ‘expected’ by consumers and business buyers.

Many businesses like yours are already affiliated with some form of finance provider. By partnering with Jade Finance you provide your customers greater choice in lenders, enhance your business image as a more complete package and on-trend operator and you receive a supplementary revenue source via commissions.

Contact us to discuss a customised partnership which is structured to suit your business and your customers’ expectations.

  • Accountants and accounting services providers
  • Insurance Brokers and Financial Advisors
  • Motor, car, truck and motorcycle dealers
  • Boat brokers, dealers and manufacturers
  • Plant, machinery and equipment dealers and manufacturer
  • Truck dealers
  • Caravan, camper and RV manufacturers and dealers
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