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Finding the best rates in the highly competitive auto lending market can be time-consuming and confusing. Time that many operators can better spend working in and on their enterprise. By using our expert broker services, operators can have the best rates on vehicle funding sourced for them – quickly and easily.

Our accreditations with in excess of 80 lenders – including the major banks, allows us to align customers with the lender that is best suited to offer them the best rate. We then handle the negotiations to deliver the best rate and a custom structured solution. To get the best rate for your upcoming vehicle acquisition, request a quote now.

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Rates on vehicle credit vary with the lender, with the type of credit facility, at different times and with the specifics of the individual enterprise. The auto lending market is vast, which adds to the challenge of finding the best rates. With our vast accreditations with 80+ lenders we find the best rates currently on the market at any particular time. Our current rates can be used as an indication of what we can source and a quote based on your exact requirements can be requested online or by phone.

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Get the Best Chattel Mortgage Car Financing Rates

Chattel Mortgage is a secured format credit which is the most popular form of funding vehicles. Apart from suiting enterprises using the cash accounting method, this facility attracts the lowest rate of all commercial credit facilities. We source this type of lending with a fixed rate, over a fixed term and with a balloon option available. All rates are individually sourced and negotiated to ensure the best solution is obtained.
  • Lowest rate of vehicle lending option.
  • Fixed, best rates currently available.
  • Individually negotiated rates and structured solutions.
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Lower Vehicle Commercial Hire Purchase Interest Rates

Across the lending market, CHP attracts a low rate in line with Chattel Mortgage. The key difference with this facility is that it can suit enterprises that use either the accruals or the cash accounting method. A balloon is available and our vast lender base ensures the best CHP rate is secured.
  • Attractive, low CHP vehicle lending rates.
  • Balloon option.
  • Fixed rates, fixed terms, fixed repayments.
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Vehicle Leasing Rates Individually Negotiated

Lease is a popular choice for commercial operations that do not want the vehicle entered as an asset/liability in their balance sheet. This is highly flexible option with extremely attractive rates and the option for a residual. Speak with one of our brokers about the best vehicle lease rates we can negotiate for your purchase.

  • Flexible credit facility.
  • Attractive, fixed rates.
  • Residual option.

Competitive Rent to Own Rates

Rent to Own is a credit facility suited to enterprises using the accruals method of accounting. The format allows operators use of an asset without the onus of the value posted to the balance sheet. Across the market, this facility attracts the highest rate. But with our 80+ lenders, we have the expertise and resources to secure better rates.

  • Suits accruals accounting method.
  • Buyback option.
  • Competitive rates available.

Work with Us for the Best Financing for Business Cars Rates

Save your time and get the best rates and best outcomes by using our highly skilled and experienced brokers. We work with all types of enterprise set-ups, including sole traders, new operators and fleet operators, to achieve the lowest rates and most workable solutions.


Your broker handles the complete process from quote to settlement. Sourcing affordable, workable credit solutions for all types of vehicles used in a commercial operation – utes, cab chassis, SUVs, vans, light commercials, passenger vehicles and wagons.

  • Australia-wide services.
  • Specialist commercial vehicle lending experts.
  • Tax optimised solutions.

Fast Financing Business Cars

We respond promptly to all enquiries with quick quotes and approvals within 24 hours. With your broker handling the lending, settlement is prompt to ensure faster delivery of the vehicles you need for your operation.

  • Application by phone or online.
  • Quick quotes.
  • 24 hour approvals.
Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Commercial Business Car Loan Rates FAQ's

Preparing vehicle purchase budgets, making decisions around affordability for different priced models and comparing options is easy using our credit calculator. This funding tool is free to use, available online and instantly calculates repayment estimates based on the values entered. Change the amount to decide if a no deposit option will work with your cash flow or to compare different prices. Change the interest rate to compare credit products. Change the term and balloon to arrive at a repayment estimate that suits your budget. Then contact us for an exact quote.

  • Chattel Mortgage and CHP attract the lowest rates, Leasing slightly higher and Rent to Own the highest.

  • Rates vary with different credit facilities due to the format and structure of the facility.

  • Yes. Interest payable on the repayments is a tax deduction for all types of credit products.

  • Lenders will assess the vehicle as part of the application assessment process. Used vehicle credit may attract a higher rate but competitive rates can be achieved.

  • Typically, commercial auto credit is secured with a fixed interest rate which does not change over the term.

  • Each application is assessed individually. New operators without full financials may require Low Doc and No Doc funding. Competitive rates can be offered depending on the individual situation and security available.

  • In general terms, the rates advertised by lenders will apply to all types of new vehicles for good credit profile applicants.

  • Buyers can convert interest rates to repayment estimates using an online credit calculator.

  • An online calculator is a generic device which does not include lender charges and does not make allowances for variations in individual credit profiles and applications. Any offer may be different from the estimates obtained using a calculator.

  • Yes. Pre-approved funding attracts the same rate as an application made after a commitment to buy has been made.

  • Lower rates may be obtained by improving the credit situation or profile, possibly reducing the amount requested and by applying to a different lender. Rates vary across the lending market.

  • Lenders price their portfolio based on their own guidelines and forecasts for rates and other indicators.