Specialist Services for Personally Tailored Macquarie Car Loans

Secure personally tailored motor vehicle financing through one of Australia’s most prestigious banks – Macquarie Bank, with our specialist services. Our valued accreditation with Macquarie allows us to provide access to the flexible auto lending solutions available through this highly regarded bank for both private car and business vehicle buyers.

The bank is part of the Macquarie Group, which is a financial services institution that operates globally in banking, asset financing, wealth management, investment and advisory and lending. Personalised, expert service is integral to Macquarie’s approach to financial services and aligns ideally with our specialist broker services. Individually addressing the needs and preferences of each customer, finding the right lender and tailoring vehicle financing to meet specific objectives.

To find out more about the options available to suit you and your vehicle through Macquarie, speak with one of our brokers or request a quote online.

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Expert Services with Macquarie Car Loans Eligibility Criteria & Applications

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The eligibility criteria for different credit facilities and interest rates vary across the motor vehicle lending sector. As specialists in the sector, our brokers know the criteria for each of our lenders and provide expert services for our customers seeking Macquarie vehicle financing.

The bank has extremely transparent eligibility criteria. This enables our brokers to quickly assess our customers’ profiles against the approval criteria to determine if this is the right lender for their needs. Private buyers must meet Consumer Credit requirements, and commercial entities must hold an ABN as a minimum requirement.

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Your Jade broker will process your application with Macquarie on your behalf, ensuring a smooth and streamlined procedure in a minimum timeframe. Many applicants receive approvals within 24 hours. All details of an offer will be explained clearly to ensure buyers can make informed decisions about their vehicle funding.

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Where our customers do not meet Macquarie criteria, we source the most suitable funding from across our 80+ lender panel. To discuss your eligibility for Macquarie car financing, contact us.
  • Transparent Macquarie car loan eligibility criteria.
  • Streamlined vehicle financing application & approval process.
  • Specialist support with applications from Jade experts.
  • Quick online application services.
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Overview of Car Financing with Macquarie

Macquarie Bank is a highly respected Australian bank offering a range of financial services to individuals and businesses. Since its establishment in 1969, the bank has earned its reputation for competitive interest rates and flexible financial solutions across its operational divisions.

In the motor vehicle lending sector, the bank offers a comprehensive range of financing products to suit individuals and commercial enterprises. Products developed to suit new and demo models, second-hand vehicles and EVs. Their innovative approach to lending products and customer service excellence makes the bank one of the leading lenders for our customers.

Our brokers have direct industry-level connections with the team at Macquarie. Providing us with the capabilities to source competitive rates and tailor individual financing solutions to suit customer specifications. For a quote on personal secured vehicle loans or commercial vehicle funding through Macquarie, contact us for individual attention on delivering a tailored package.
  • Personal Macquarie Car Loans
  • Macquarie Electric Vehicle Loans
  • Business Vehicle Financing from Macquarie.
  • Macquarie Car Leasing.
  • Chattel Mortgage Macquarie Vehicle Finance.
  • New, demo and used vehicle financing.
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Optimise the Benefits of Macquarie Vehicle Finance

We assist vehicle buyers in optimising the benefits available through Macquarie by handling the entire process with our specialist services. Ensuring each customer receives the full attention of their own Jade broker, who is highly experienced in motor vehicle lending and has in-depth knowledge of Macquarie lending products.

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The flexible approach taken by the bank assists our brokers in tailoring packages to suit the profile and financial position of the customer and their objectives for their vehicle purchase. The bank provides options for both variable and fixed interest rate auto funding, both at highly competitive rates. While many buyers prefer fixed rates to provide the assurance of fixed repayments, under certain market conditions, competitive variable rates can present many benefits.

As well as considering the profile of the individual or business, the bank also considers the loan-to-value ratio (LVR) when preparing rate offers. This is the amount borrowed against the value of the vehicle. By making a larger deposit and lowering the LVR, buyers can be eligible for better rates. Property owners can also receive special benefits by way of better rates.

With its business vehicle financing portfolio, the bank includes approval for financing for partnerships, companies and individuals acquiring vehicles primarily for their business. The property ownership rewards of lower rates can also apply to commercial funding – to the entity undertaking the borrowing or the directors of that entity.

To assist vehicle buyers, the bank also provides a Car Buying Service to find the right vehicle, set up test drives and arrange trade-in valuations. By arranging Macquarie car financing through Jade, our customers can optimise these benefits while also receiving the benefits of our specialist expertise and experience.

  • Competitive interest rates.
  • Options for variable and fixed rate vehicle financing.
  • Special rate rewards for property owners.
  • Convenient car buying services.
  • Tailored Macquarie Vehicle Finance packages.

Resources to Compare Macquarie Lending Solutions with Other Options

Our tailored funding packages through Macquarie include flexible terms, LVR considerations and competitive rates. Customers can compare the rates available through the bank with current rates through some of our other lenders with our quick lender comparison table.

Buyers seeking to make purchase decisions around the affordability of different vehicles or plan their financing preferences can do so easily with our Vehicle Financing Calculator. The rates advertised by Macquarie for the relevant credit facility may be used as the rate while the term, balloon and loan amount may be varied. The relevant repayment estimate will be displayed. Use the calculator to make decisions around vehicle deposits to lower the LVR and be potentially eligible for a lower interest rate.

When comparing options from different lenders with Macquarie vehicle funding, consider the personalised service provided by the bank, the rewards for property owners and lower LVR and the service to find the right vehicle for buyers.
  • Compare Macquarie car loan interest rates with other lenders.
  • Make deposit decisions to reduce LVR for better Macquarie rates.
  • Convenient online calculator to plan financing preferences.

Enjoy the Advantages of Macquarie Vehicle Finance, Tailored by Jade

Financing new, demo, used, and electric vehicles with Macquarie can benefit buyers. Competitive fixed and variable rates, flexible structure and terms, plus the added value presented by their Car Buying Service. We maximise those benefits with our specialist brokers tailoring individual solutions to suit individual requirements specifically.


We advise how a lower rate may be achieved with lower LVR by increasing the deposit. Structure the term to suit the preferred vehicle ownership timeframe of each buyer. Tailor residuals and balloons are in line with the expected resale value of the vehicle at the end of the term. Negotiate a repayment schedule to meet individual budgets and business cash flow.


Business customers can enjoy the expertise of our brokers regarding optimising packages for the latest tax regulations. We stay current with changes to asset acquisition tax benefits to ensure we structure commercial vehicle funding best to suit the operation and the tax deductions available.


Our brokers work closely with the Macquarie car financing division to ensure excellence in customer service is delivered throughout the seamless, streamlined car funding process. Ensuring a time-efficient, professional and rewarding experience is realised by every buyer. For a tailored Macquarie funding package for your vehicle purchase, connect with us.

  • Flexible terms and additional benefits with Macquarie.
  • Car finance packages tailored by Jade.
  • Smooth application and approvals process.
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* The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Macquarie Car Loans FAQ's

  • Yes. As a bank, Macquarie operates in numerous sectors, including investments, lending and transactional accounts. Vehicle financing is available through its lending division.

  • The bank offers a comprehensive selection of commercial funding facilities for motor vehicles, including Leases, Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • No. Holding an existing account with a bank is not required to apply for financing with that bank. Where a customer accepts an offer, the bank may or may not request that the customer open an account with them as part of the credit product conditions.

  • LVR is the loan-to-value ratio. It is the loan amount compared with the value of the financed goods.

  • Macquarie takes into account the LVR of applications when preparing loan offers. The lower the LVR, the increased potential for a lower interest rate to be offered. Applicants can lower their LVR by paying a deposit and lowering the amount required for the financing.

  • Macquarie provides benefits for property owners by offering better vehicle financing rates.

  • Macquarie offers the choice of either fixed or variable interest rate car financing.

  • Macquarie is known for being extremely competitive with interest rates on vehicle financing.

  • Macquarie provides benefits for directors applying for car finance where the applicant is a property owner. Commercial funding credit facilities are available for vehicles being acquired for use in the business.

  • No deposit financing is available through banks, subject to meeting approval criteria and individual guidelines.

  • Macquarie offers lower rates for applications with a lower LVR – loan value ratio. Buyers seeking a lower rate can consider making a larger downpayment to reduce the amount they require for their vehicle credit.

  • Yes. Macquarie provides a comprehensive selection of funding solutions for new and second-hand vehicles.

  • Online vehicle funding calculators are generic devices provided so buyers can quickly generate estimates. The results generated are based purely on the data – the amounts entered by the user. What is not taken into account with the repayment estimates displayed are the fees that may apply to that loan and the credit rating of the user. If the user has entered the best rate advertised by the lender and has a less-than-good credit profile, the rate they are offered can be different from that best rate. Calculators are for obtaining estimates only. Quotes can differ from those estimates.

  • Demo vehicle models are typically treated as new vehicles by lenders when assessing funding. The interest rate applicable and other credit product features would usually be the same as new and demonstrator models.

  • Monthly lease payments are considered a business expense by the ATO and are a tax deduction. GST is added to lease payments and can be claimed by entities registered for GST.