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We provide an individual one-to-one approach to sourcing the right financing package, from the right lenders at the lowest rates for private and business second-hand vehicle buyers. Buying second-hand can be a smart way to secure a quality vehicle at a much lower price than the equivalent new. But any savings to be made on the purchase price can quickly be reduced if the used car finance is not at the lowest rates possible.

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With Jade Finance sourcing the funding, second-hand and classic auto buyers can be assured that the best rates will be secured. With our one-to-one approach, we work with our lenders directly, to negotiate financing specific to that unique vehicle and to meet our customer’s objectives.

The second-hand market can be robust with strong competition from buyers to capture the best value deals. Our fast financing service supports buyers to be quick to source their credit, be first to shake on a deal with a dealer, be across PPSR and other issues with private sellers and be confident to bid online and at auction.

Capitalise on the great value offered by buying second-hand – contact us now to get the best value, lowest rate funding.
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Be Across All Your Used Car Loan Options at Jade Finance

Financing second-hand, vintage, classic and collectible autos requires individual attention to the details. The details of the auto and the details of the buyer. Second-hand vehicles each have distinct features and condition which affect the financing - age, mileage, engine and bodywork condition. These aspects can affect the type of loan required, the amount approved for the loan to buy the vehicle, the interest rate and the amount of time approved to repay the funding – the loan term.

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Buyers in this market have varying needs and objectives to be considered. Whether the vehicle is a workhorse and buyers need workable repayments or a classic car buyer looking for the value to appreciate for future resale. Individual and family buyers looking to balance their budget with the cheapest repayments on their value priced vehicle.

We cater to the needs of all buyers and all vehicles with a complete selection of loan types. The major factor with which loan type is most suitable – will a lender accept the vehicle as suitable security for financing. This determines whether secured or unsecured financing is the right option.

For private buyers of both classic and daily drive vehicles, the options are a Secured Car Loan or an Unsecured Personal Loan. Rates are higher on loans that do not have the vehicle as collateral – unsecured options but the conditions and terms can be flexible. Give us a quick call before buying to confirm which option will suit your vehicle.

The majority of business buyers will be seeking to optimise the pricing of second-hand work vehicles with low rates, workable repayments and tax benefits. Lenders will generally accept quality second-hand business vehicles as security for Chattel Mortgage, Leasing or Commercial Hire Purchase for ABN holders. The rates and conditions of second-hand compared with new car financing can be different.

For all buyers, our one-to-one approach to the vehicle, you the buyer and in our negotiations with our lenders, ensures the best rates and most flexible package is secured. Know your specific options before committing to a second-hand vehicle purchase by contacting us for your best rate first.

  • Secured and Unsecured Used Car Loans - Private Buyers
  • Classic Car Loans
  • Chattel Mortgage Used Car Finance
  • Used Car Lease
  • Flexible terms, best used car finance rates.

Handy Tips for Securing a Classic Car Loan

  • Get access to the right vintage car loan lenders through Jade Finance.
  • Avoid negative credit score impacts with multiple applications.
  • Get pre-approved to buy at auction.
  • Get support when buying online – due diligence, PPSR checks.
  • Be realistic about the condition of the vehicle when setting loan targets.
  • Use finance calculator for pre-purchase estimates.
  • Contact Jade Finance and be confident your best interests are being handled expertly!
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Know the Basics of Financing a Used Car

Knowing the basics of second-hand vehicle credit and the differences from new vehicle loans can assist buyers to more quickly achieve the best outcome. Unlike new models which are essentially all the same, second-hand and especially classic vehicles, each has its own unique features and characteristics. Varying age, mileage, engine and bodywork condition – unique features which affect the financing. 


Additional aspects to consider, and we can help you with, include:- checking if any money is owed on the vehicle through the PPSR; verifying ownership REVS with private and online buys; transfer of registration; and different insurance options.


The amount you can borrow may be determined by the lender’s value assessment of the vehicle. The value is assessed against the purchase price, the loan amount includes total interest to determine approval of loan amounts. Limits may be placed on how much will be approved. Buyers may need to be prepared to make a down payment to reduce the amount they need to borrow.


With interest rates, lenders will typically advertise their best rates for new goods. So the rates may be different for used vehicles. But rates are primarily assessed on the ability of the borrower to repay the loan – their earnings capacity and their credit history.


Borrowers with good credit history are typically offered the best rates and the best terms. Poor credit score applicants can be offered a higher rate. Maintaining a good credit history and score can be vital when seeking affordable second hand vehicle financing.


The term – the amount of time approved to repay the loan, can significantly affect the repayments and comes into consideration with used car finance. The rate, term and loan amount together determine the monthly repayment. Use our calculator to see how this all works to determine repayments for the vehicle you are considering. We look at getting the best possible for all these inclusions to deliver affordable financing options for our buyers.


With secured financing options, lenders require buyers to have comprehensive motor vehicle insurance coverage and we may assist in sourcing the most affordable policy. With so many variations in second hand vehicle financing, why take chances? Use our expert services and be confident that your best interests have been addressed and the best financing option secured.

  • Secured best rates, and flexible terms for workable repayments.
  • Assistance with checks, and verifications.
  • Individual attention to your needs, and your specific vehicle details.

Maximise the Advantages of Choosing Used Car Finance

The key advantage of buying second-hand rather than new is the purchase price. Quality second hand vehicles can be thousands of dollars less than the price of the latest new model. But most will still be priced at a figure that requires credit for most buyers. That’s where we assist buyers to maximise their purchase – with the right lenders, lower rates, flexible terms and additional support for second-hand vehicle credit.


The second-hand vehicle market is extensive and so is the lending market for used car financing. Getting the right lender can be critical when so many elements of this type of financing can be dependent on lender criteria and assessments. With our access to 80+ lenders, we have what buyers need to secure the best option – more lenders to choose from! And we find you the right one.


The way the vehicle is being bought can affect the approach to sourcing financing. When buying online or from interstate we provide support with a range of checks and verifications. When buying at auction and online, we provide pre-approved financing. Empowering buyers to confidently bid and confirm, knowing they have the facilities secured to settle on the purchase.


Make the first move to maximising your vehicle credit by contacting us. One quick call, one convenient online connect, and you are on your way to securing the most affordable used car financing.

  • 80+ lenders – more options for the right lender, lower rates.
  • Best rates, flexible terms.
  • Specialist support to maximise your options.

Navigating the Classic Car Loans Market with Jade Finance

Classic and vintage vehicles are special and deserve special attention in sourcing funding for their purchase. The type of vehicle, its age and whether being acquired to operate on a regular or occasional basis or purely to be garaged as a collectible asset, can have a significant bearing on the financing options and outcomes.


We have extensive experience in financing classic cars, have access to specialist lenders in this market and appreciate the importance of the acquisition to our buyers. Supporting them to navigate the market to obtain the most suitable financing option to suit their objectives.


Those seeking to optimise asset appreciation may target minimum total tax payable with a shorter repayment term. Buyers looking to keep ongoing costs down for a regular drive may seek the most affordable monthly repayments. Whatever the objective, whatever the vehicle, we appreciate and value each purchase for its uniqueness and source the most suitable funding solution.

  • Specialist classic and vintage car lenders.
  • Options for collectible and regular drive models.
  • Finance to target asset growth, and lower repayments.

How to Find the Right Finance Plan for Your Used Car

The right financing plan starts with identifying the right lender. Lender criteria for assessing second-hand vehicles and credit applications vary across the market. We have over 80 lender accreditations and we know how each assesses applications to make offers.


Using our resources and expertise, we find the right lender to suit each buyer and their vehicle. Negotiating with the lender to obtain for our customers the best plan, rates and repayment schedule to suit their budget. The vehicle and lending market may be large and confusing, but finding the right credit plan is easy – just contact Jade Finance.

  • Access to 80+ lenders to find the right lender.
  • Experts negotiate the right plan to suit individual buyers and vehicles.
  • Personal attention, and fast service to secure the best value deals.

Applying for Used Car Finance – Quickly, Easily, Conveniently

Securing the best second-hand car deals in a highly competitive market requires fast access to loan approvals. We provide that with our online tools and resources, quick quotes and 24-hour approvals. Easily submit your application online – before or after finalising your buying selection. We’ll do the work to get you the best rates, best repayments and the best deal – quickly and easily.

  • Fast and easy online applications.
  • 24 hour loan approvals.
  • Pre-approved used car loans with no obligations.
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* The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Used Car Finance FAQ's

  • The payment of a deposit to get approved for second hand vehicle financing is dependent on lender approval of the total funding requested.

  • Online calculators only provide estimates and do not include lender fees or make allowance for the specific vehicle or the credit history of the user. These aspects can result in a different interest rate offer and a different outcome to the one obtained with the calculator.

  • Yes. Secured and unsecured lending products can be used to fund the purchase of collectible classic vehicles.

  • The same lending products – secured and unsecured, apply to both new and second hand vehicles. But the rates, terms and conditions can vary for new and second hand vehicles.

  • Yes. Where Chattel Mortgage is selected to fund a second hand vehicle for a business, a balloon is an optional feature.

  • Loan terms are subject to individual lender approval criteria. Terms of up to 7 years may be approved for some buyers of some vehicles.

  • Secured vehicle funding uses the vehicle as the collateral for the credit. An unsecured product does not use the vehicle as collateral but may require collateral through other assets.

  • Where any vehicle is purchased with credit with the vehicle as collateral, lenders will require a comprehensive insurance policy to be obtained.

  • Including the full purchase price of a second hand vehicle in the financing total is subject to lender approval. It can be possible depending on the condition and value of the vehicle and the credit history of the applicant.

  • Yes. Online buyers can finance vehicles with secured or unsecured lending products.

  • Yes. Pre-approved second hand vehicle finance can be secured to purchase vehicles at auction.

  • Businesses purchasing second hand vehicles can select from Lease, Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • The interest rate on second hand vehicle finance can differ from new car loan rates. The rate is determined by the lender, taking into account the credit history of the applicant and aspects of the specific vehicle.

  • Classic cars can be purchased with Secured Car Loans or Unsecured Personal Loans.

  • Where a second-hand vehicle is deemed acceptable loan security by a lender, buyers may finance with a Secured Car Loan. Where not deemed acceptable, an Unsecured Personal Loan can be applied for.