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Jade Finance can achieve the best interest rates on a wide range of commercial finance products for the purchase of business equipment, machinery, trucks, vehicles and other purposes. We’ve summarised our current interest rates in this reference chart for your convenience. Enter the amount you are seeking and the term you would prefer to see the possible repayments for different loans. For a firm quote on your specific requirements, please contact us on 1300 000 008 and discuss your needs with one of our consultants.

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Business Loan Interest Rates

While we constantly remind our customers that we don’t like being beaten on interest rates, we also remind them not to base loan decisions solely on advertised interest rates, what the bank might quote or on information shared by friends.

Jade Finance is accredited with a vast number of banks and lenders. This enables our consultants to access interest rate offers, specific to your business loan, from a large number of sources. More options for use translates into a cheaper interest rate for you.
Calculating Interest Rates for Commercial Loans

Determining Business Loan Interest Rates

Interest rates are determined on a combination of both a larger industry perspective and a smaller applicant perspective.

These include:-
  • The industry that you are in and the purpose of your loan and if that lender as an understanding and knowledge of that sector.
  • The loan amount and the loan term requested.
  • Specifics of the purpose for the loan or asset to be loaned against: condition, type etc
  • The credit profile and risk assessment of the business.
Competitive Interest Rates on Commercial Loans

Industry Perspective

Rates vary from lender to lender depending on their own area of loan specialty, their access to funds, their specific loan guidelines and how they price business loans. In addition, there are impacts from the international economic environment.

Applicant-specific Perspective

Focussing on your individual business loan application, each lender will use a range of considerations to determine the rate offered on your business loan.

Loan Calculator

When making use of our online loan repayment calculator, please bear in mind these possible points: The resulting regular monthly repayment that is calculated is not a certain lending quote, it is not a loan offer and it does not mean your application has actually been approved for that, or any other financing. The loan amount that you input might not be the final total amount loaned as there could possibly be added loan fees and costs used by the loan provider or financial institution. You can include an added amount in the finance total amount for the additional expenses in relation to insurance coverage, extended warranties or other costs involved in what you are buying.


This calculator is available to offer quote estimates based on the input information only. It does not take into consideration individual application variances. The finance offer as well as payment amount you receive from your Jade specialist might be greater or lower than the outcome you have calculated.
This calculator is developed to calculate financing repayments based on a provided rate of interest over a set time period. It is not to be used for interest-only financing estimations. It calculates rate of interest as well as repayments by compounding calculation over the monthly term.

Jade Finance has not only a commitment, but a proven track record of supporting Australian businesses with the best and the cheapest interest rates on business loans. Interest rates have fluctuated regularly over since Jade Finance was established, but our drive to provide the best rates has never wavered.

The interest rate is only one element in an effective commercial loan package, but a very important component. When you secure a business loan over 4 or 5 or even up to 7 years for major investments, each small percentage variation in the interest rate can add up to a significant amount over the term of the loan. Amounts which are eating away at your business profits.

Our consultants do the hard work upfront, when securing your loan, to ensure you have the cheapest interest rate today which will translate into a better bottom line at the end of the loan term.

Once the lender takes those factors into account, your Jade Finance consultant uses the full strength of our bargaining power as a major player and the expert skills to negotiate the rate down to the cheapest possible.

Jade Finance provides that level of professional service to all businesses and for all loan types, regardless of the size of your business or the size of your loan.

Don’t go shopping around just for interest rates. A call to Jade Finance is an astute decision as it will ensure that you receive the best business loan quote based on the best interest rates available and tailored to suit your specific business requirements.

Speak with a Jade Finance Consultant to discuss your business loan requirements.

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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

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