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Known for innovation and technology, Hyundai vehicles are well-priced, stylish and extremely popular with both private and business buyers. We assist buyers to make their purchase even more affordable by securing low interest rate financing options for Hyundai vehicles.

Each loan is individually sourced by our expert brokers from across our 80+ lenders. Ensuring buyers that their best interests are addressed in covering the market to find them the best Hyundai car loan.

Whether buying a Hyundai SUV, sedan, small car, performance vehicle, EV or hybrid, contact us to secure you affordable, low interest rate financing.

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All Options for Hyundai Financing in Australia with Jade Finance

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The motor vehicle lending market is extensive with banks, finance companies and dealers all offering funding. Finding the best option can be challenging and can impact your credit score if multiple quotes are requested.

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When applying directly to a lender or opting for dealer financing, buyers can be limiting their options and not maximising their opportunities. Using our services, buyers can maximise their opportunities with lender choice, product choice and obtain individually structured outcomes.

Our portfolio includes all options. Secured and unsecured loans for private buyers and all commercial credit facilities for business buyers. Business buyers have the choice of Leasing, Hire Purchase, Chattel Mortgage and Novated Lease with Salary Sacrificing.

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There are many variations across the lender market. Using our services ensures buyers have covered available options in securing the most affordable Hyundai financing.
  • Consumer vehicle loans for private buyers.
  • Complete portfolio of commercial vehicle financing.
  • Best options from large lender market coverage.
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Overview of Hyundai Loan Options

Winner of many automotive awards, Hyundai’s reputation, performance and affordable pricing has made this brand one of Australia’s favourites. The vehicles suit a wide range of buyers and include the Kona, Ioniq, Santa Fe, i30 hatch, Tucson, Venue, Palisade and Staria-Load.

Our financing options for Hyundai vehicles also suit all types of buyers with flexible solutions, individually sourced from across a vast lender market. Providing customers with the benefit of choice when it comes to their Hyundai car loans. Choice of a vast number of banks and non-bank lenders in the motor vehicle lending market.

Our experts match each customer with the lender that suits their profile, is best placed to offer them the lowest rate and the most flexible solution. As specialists in vehicle lending, we’re across the market, including special green vehicle loans. For specialist, individual attention to your Hyundai financing, contact us.
  • More choices - vast market coverage.
  • Specialist brokers to source the right lender, best deals.
  • Individually sourced Hyundai loans to meet buyer specs.
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Applying for Hyundai Loans – Quickly and Easily with Jade

At Jade, we simplify the process of applying for Hyundai car loans by providing one of our expert brokers to assist you through each step. With a quick contact, we will confirm what lender and lending products you are eligible for and advise what information you need to provide.

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Private buyers will need to provide payslips, ID, details of debts and recurring expenses, assets, income, employment and residential status. Business buyers will need to provide tax returns, BAS statements, ABN, financial statements and similar details.

With your details, our experts proceed to source you the best deal from our 80+ lenders. When offers are accepted, we quickly process applications with many receiving 24 hour approvals. We then liaise between your Hyundai dealer and our lender to finalise the arrangements so you can quickly take ownership of your new Hyundai. To simplify your Hyundai car loan application, simply call Jade!

  • Simple, smooth Hyundai finance application process.
  • Fast approvals – 24 hours.
  • Expert brokers to handle your Hyundai finance application.

Check Your Eligibility for Hyundai Finance

An essential step in securing the most suitable car loan is meeting lender eligibility criteria. Personal car loans are regulated under Consumer Credit Laws by ASIC. Applicants need to be over 18 years of age and provide the lender with details of their finances, ID and other information. Business buyers will need an ABN and provide financial documentation on their operation. Credit scores and history are reviewed with good scores receiving the best offers.

In addition to these essentials, individual banks and lenders set their own criteria for approval, interest rates, loan amounts, credit scores and any special conditions. We know the criteria and guidelines of our 80+ lenders and quickly identify which lender suits each customer.

To save time in applying for Hyundai loans with the right lender, simply contact Jade and let us handle the process for you. We also have options for buyers that do not meet standard criteria.
  • Specialist knowledge of lender criteria.
  • Save time finding the right lender.
  • Options for all types of buyers.
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Compare Secured with Unsecured Hyundai Car Loans

Private Hyundai buyers have the choice of either a secured or an unsecured credit product. While a secured loan is the most widely used by new car buyers, unsecured loans can offer an attractive option for some buyers.


Secured loans use the vehicle as the main, and in many cases the only, collateral for the financing. Unsecured credit essentially does not require collateral. Without the collateral as their assurance, lenders apply higher interest rates to unsecured credit. With no collateral, unsecured credit can also require a higher credit score and other criteria, depending on individual lender guidelines.


We arrange our secured Hyundai loans with a fixed, low interest rate and over a fixed term to deliver a fixed monthly repayment schedule. Confidence for buyers that their rate and repayments will not change over time. Unsecured loans may be arranged with either a variable or with a fixed interest rate. A variable rate can offer some buyers with flexibility.


If acquiring a Hyundai EV or Hybrid, our brokers will source any available green vehicle loans. To discuss which option is most suitable for your Hyundai, speak with one of our brokers.

  • Fixed, Low Rates on Secured Hyundai Loans.
  • Fixed Terms, Fixed Repayments.
  • Green car loan options.

Flexible, Cost-effective Hyundai Commercial Finance Options

Whether purchasing one Hyundai for your business or acquiring an entire fleet for your company, we have the credit facilities, expertise and resources to secure cost-effective solutions. Our brokers tailor solutions which are individually sourced to meet the specific objectives of the enterprise.


Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and Hire Purchase are available, with low rates, balloon and residual options, fixed terms up to 7 years and optimised for available tax benefits. Fleet deals are individually sourced through specialist lenders and structured to meet the asset acquisition requirements of the company.


When structuring commercial vehicle financing, we consider the ownership cycle of the individual business, the potential resale value of the Hyundai at the end of the term, the cash flow of the operation and the overall financial objectives.


With our extensive lender selection, we can provide small and new businesses with workable vehicle financing. To have your Hyundai finance individually sourced and tailored to meet your objectives, contact us.

  • Hyundai Lease, Chattel Mortgage, Hire Purchase.
  • Tax-optimised Hyundai financing.
  • Individually structured Hyundai fleet finance.
  • Workable options for small and new businesses.

Realise Benefits with Jade over Hyundai Dealer Finance

Many car buyers consider using dealer finance option as convenient and efficient without possibly paying due consideration to if it is the best offer they may be able to obtain. Dealer or manufacturer finance is typically aligned with one finance provider. Offering no other options for buyers. Buyers must carry out their own market comparisons, in order to find other deals are available to them.


With variations across the market in eligibility criteria, loan amounts, interest rates and product features and with our extensive market coverage, our services provide buyers with a convenient and efficient way to ensure they have secured the best deal.


We handle all the work of finding that ‘best deal’, the lowest rates and the most suitable lender. To ensure you have covered all your options with your Hyundai finance, contact Jade.

  • More choice – 80+ lenders
  • Specialists to individually source the best deals.
  • Find the right lender, right loan, quickly and easily.

Get the Best Hyundai Finance Deal with Jade

Using our specialist lending services allow Hyundai buyers to secure the best rates, the most suitable credit product and have the entire financing process handled by experts for them. We streamline the process with our online resources including finance calculators and online applications.


We have the lender base, the finance product selection and the 25+ years in the auto lending sector to ensure buyers obtain the best Hyundai finance deal available to them.

  • Online and phone applications.
  • Australia-wide services.
  • Vast lender coverage to find the best deals.
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* The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Hyundai Car Loan FAQ's

  • Buyers purchasing SUVs for private use can select a secured or unsecured car loan. Business buyers can select from Leasing, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage.

  • Subject to individual lender approval, buyers can borrow the full purchase price of a new car.

  • Applicants for car loans must be over 18 years, have ID, the relevant residency status, financial information, income and employment details and business buyers require an ABN and financials.

  • Most personal and business vehicle financing has a fixed interest rate. Some lenders offer variable rate options on secured and unsecured loans.

  • Secured credit uses the vehicle as collateral for the funding. Subject to lender guidelines, some buyers may be asked to provide additional security.

  • Chattel Mortgage financing delivers a tax deduction when the vehicle is depreciated in line with the current ATO schedules. Interest charges are deductible.

  • Terms for vehicle leasing are subject to individual lender approval. Up to 7 years is a typical lease term.

  • There are lenders that offer special ‘green vehicle’ loans which may cover Hyundai EVs.

  • Yes. Applications for vehicle financing can be submitted and approved based on an estimated loan amount and an indication of the vehicle.

  • The value of the balloon is subject to lender approval.