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The interest rate is vital to ensuring the new vehicle is an affordable, cost-effective investment. But comparing rates across the motor vehicle lending market can be time-consuming and laborious. We’ve done the hard work by finding the cheapest rates from across our lending panel of 80+ banks and non-bank lenders. Buyers can use our latest rates as a guide to compare the different credit options – Leasing with Chattel Mortgage, and to make finance-based decisions on different makes and models. For an exact rate based on your vehicle and your enterprise, request a quote online or by phone.

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Get on the Road Faster and Cheaper with Our Commercial Business Car Loans

The market for motor vehicle credit is one of the largest lending markets in Australia. Great for competition but not always great for buyers trying to navigate all the options. Dealers, banks, finance companies, manufacturers – how do operators find the cheapest and best for their vehicle and their enterprise? Just select your vehicle, select your credit product and leave the rest to Jade.Finance. When it’s time for a new work vehicle, our motor vehicle lending specialists can get you behind the wheel and on the road faster and with cheaper funding. As specialist motor vehicle lending brokers, we have accreditations with over 80 lenders. Providing our consultants, and our customers, quick access to a large selection of options and particularly, to finding the cheapest rates currently available. We do the sourcing the most suitable lender, negotiating for the cheapest rates and the term that will deliver repayments to work with cash flow and an outcome that maximises tax benefits. Whether buying a ute, van, cab chassis, sedan, SUV or any other vehicle for your operation, we have the full range of funding options to suit all types of set-ups.
Accelerate Your Path to Affordable Business Vehicle Financing for a Faster Start on the Road

Specialised Business Car Loan Solutions – ABN, Sole Trader, New Biz

As an Australian-owned and operated company, we know the operating landscape, especially the large number of individuals working for themselves, running a micro operation or in the process of starting a new venture. We support all set-ups, at all stages, with full access to our expert motor vehicle lending services and better vehicle funding.

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 New Business Car Finance

Contact us to connect with lenders that offer competitive offers for new operators, even if you’ve only had your ABN for one day.

Small Business Car Financing

We are fully across the small and SME sector and enable small-scale operators to get approved for competitive rates and cost-effective vehicle funding through our expert services and lender connections.

Self-emplyed Car Finance

motor vehicle credit at competitive rates is available through Jade.Finance for the millions of individuals working for themselves in tech, IT, creative, trades, courier work, maintenance and many others.

ABN Car Loans

Options for ABN holders with approvals assessed primarily on turnover with competitive rates, workable terms and tax optimised outcomes achievable.

Bad Credit Car Finance Options

Our individual approach to every application may be the solution for those with credit issues. Contact us for a confidential, no-obligation discussion of your situation and the options available.

How to Get Fast Commercial Car Loan Repayment Estimates - On Demand!

You want to make decisions about which model to secure your vehicle but the decision is based on the repayments? Solved. Use our Motor Vehicle Credit Calculator to calculate and compare repayments on any models at any price points – when you want. This online device allows buyers to vary the loan amount, term, balloon and interest rate to make decisions on which vehicle to purchase and what to request in the funding structure. Get started now and call us for a confirmed quote.
  • Online Car Finance Calculator
  • Connect, Calculate, Compare Commercial Car Credit
  • Free to use, no obligation!
Instantly Obtain Commercial Car Loan Repayment Estimates - When You Need Them!

Cheaper Business Car Loans Solutions for All Vehicle Types

Many types of motor vehicles can be purchased, funded and used in work environments and enterprises. Our funding options and services extend to all vehicles, from all leading manufacturers, bought from dealers, at an auction or through a private seller.

  • Passenger Car Business Finance.
  • Cab Chassis and Ute Financing
  • SUV Business Car Loans
  • New and Used Commercial Car Loans
  • Business Financing for EV and Hybrid Cars
  • Fleet Financing Solutions

Get Commercial Use Ute Financing – Cab Chassis, Double Cab, All Brands

Utes and cab chassis models are the popular choice for work vehicles for operators in the agri sector, construction and building, trades, resources, delivery industry, technical services and many others. The versatility, flexibility and durability of these vehicles is matched by our funding options. We offer the full selection of credit products with cheaper rates and flexible terms and balloons to deliver repayments to drive the operation forward.

Operators across Australia, working on remote mine sites, on agricultural properties, on CBD building sites or traversing the regions, can all use our specialist motor vehicle funding services to source cheaper ute credit.

  • Toyota HiLux Business Ute Finance
  • Commercial Ford Ranger Ute Loans
  • New and Used Commercial Ute Loans
  • New and Used Business Ute Loans

Minimise Interest Rates, Maximise Tax Deductions with Commercial Van Finance

Optimise your working van purchase with our cheaper rates and individually structured credit offers. Couriers, producers, tradies, techies and other buyers, whether large companies or operating as sole traders, can access cheaper van credit rates through Jade.Finance. Every credit offer is structured to ensure our customers maximise their tax benefits with the expertise of our consultants who fully understand financials.

  • Cheaper Commercial Van Loan Rates
  • Sole Trader Commercial Van Finance
  • Tax Deductible Commercial Van Financing

Get the Commercial Car Financing Solutions to Suit Your Business

The choice of credit product depends on accounting methods and other accounting-related factors including tax and the balance sheet. Different entity set-ups require different products and we have all the options to cater for all buyers and all vehicles. Speaking with your accountant is advisable when selecting the most appropriate credit product for your set-up.

We arrange all options with the cheapest fixed rates, most flexible fixed terms and most workable fixed repayments. Balloon and residuals are available.

  • Business Car Leasing – competitive rates, flexible terms, off-balance sheet facility with tax deductible lease payments.
  • Chattel Mortgage Car Financing – most widely used and versatile facility for most Aussie operators. Great rates, balloon option and tax deductions through asset depreciation.
  • Commercial Hire Purchase Vehicle Finance – many of the features of Chattel Mortgage and Leasing but suited to both accruals and cash accounting methods.
  • No Doc Business Car Loans – workable option for new operators to easily access cost-effective vehicle funding with no financials.
  • Low Doc Commercial Car Loans – minimal docs and financials such as bank statements may be all that is required to secure lite doc funding for newer operators.
  • Fixed cheaper interest rates – over 80 lenders
  • Fixed Business Car Loan Terms – up to 7 years

How to Use Our Commercial Car Finance Broker Services for a Better Loan

Using our services is well beyond reviewing a list of rate comparisons and options. We actually carry out the work required to find the right lender, the most suitable option, negotiate the cheapest rates and handle the final settlement steps. Our consultants know the Australian working environment, know the challenges faced by all types of operators and know how to source the vehicle funding to suit their needs.

Customers only have to make a phone call or contact us via our online resources to get started. A consultant will be assigned to handle your requirements so you have streamlined and fast communications. Our consultants are up to date with asset tax benefits so they can structure your funding to maximise deductions and minimise the overall investment.

  • Connect with expert business car loan services online.
  • Specialist commercial vehicle lending services.
  • Fast, streamlined access to cheaper rates, tax optimised outcomes.

Better Commercial Car Financing Solutions from 80+ Lenders

Jade.Finance is a specialist motor vehicle credit broker with more than 25 years of experience providing cheaper rates and better funding outcomes for Aussie operators across the country. Through our online systems and streamlined processes, operators in even the most remote sites or with the schedules not in line with standard operating hours, can easily access better funding solutions.

We are accredited with more than 80 lenders, providing us with the resources to find the cheapest interest rates and most suitable funding options for all types of vehicles and all types of enterprises. Our comprehensive, full-service approach to motor vehicle credit provides operators with a clear advantage when new vehicles are required. The work is done for you with the credit sourcing and structuring carried out with precision and professionalism and to achieve targeted outcomes. Contact us to find what better vehicle funding offer we can obtain for you.

  • Better rates sourced from 80+ lenders.
  • Comprehensive, expert business vehicle finance services.
  • Australia-wide services.
  • 25+ years of experience.
  • Specialists in delivering cheaper rates, better commercial car loans.

Get Fast Commercial Car Loan Approval and Cheaper Rates

Get through the traffic jam that can be the Australia motor vehicle lending market quickly and easily with Jade.Finance. We focus solely on the needs of our customers. Ensuring quick quotes and fast approvals to ensure our customers secure their vehicle and get on the road and back to work asap.

  • Apply for commercial car finance online.
  • Quick quotes on business car loans.
  • Fast approvals – 24 hours.
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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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Commercial Business Car Loans FAQ's

  • The term approved on vehicle credit is subject to lender approval and guidelines. Up to 7 years is typical.

  • A balloon is a portion of the credit total which is payable in full after the final repayment. It applies to Chattel Mortgage and CHP.

  • Yes. SUVs can be funded with a choice of CHP, Lease or Chattel Mortgage.

  • The condition of a used vehicle will be assessed by lenders and may in some instances, impact the rate and credit terms offered. This is subject to lender guidelines.

  • Yes. Pre-approved credit is available through most lenders.

  • Using an online credit calculate can assist buyers work out repayment estimates on different priced vehicles for comparison purposes.

  • Operators should review the features of each credit product, especially the suitability to either accruals or cash accounting methods when deciding which is the most appropriate option for their set-up. Speaking with an accountant is advisable.

  • The selection of credit products – Chattel Mortgage, Lease, CHP, is the same for all types of motor vehicles to be used for work purposes.

  • Trading time can be an approval criteria for some banks and lenders. Some lenders will approve applications based on 6 months of turnover figures. Operators without financials can seek lenders that offer no financials credit through brokers.

  • New set-ups that do not have full financials and/or do not meet lender criteria can seek low doc and no doc options through brokers and special lenders.

  • The interest rates are different for Leasing and Chattel Mortgage and CHP. The rates may also be different when the lender assesses each application. Lenders will usually show their lowest rate to use as a guide.

  • The tax benefits vary with credit products. Lease repayments are deductible. Chattel Mortgage and CHP repayments are not deductible except for the interest portion. These two products deliver a deduction through the depreciation of the vehicle.

  • Both Leasing and Chattel Mortgage are widely used and very effective vehicle funding facilities. The decision as to which is best is based on the suitability of each to the accounting methods and approach taken by the entity.

  • Yes. An ABN is the minimum requirement to be eligible for commercial credit.

  • Vehicles used for work purposes may be purchased with the choice of Commercial Hire Purchase, Leasing or Chattel Mortgage.