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Get the money your business needs with our easy and friendly help. We guide you to find the best loan from over 80 lenders, make sure it fits your business, and get it fast. Whether you’re a one-person show or a growing team, we have lots of loan options for all kinds of small businesses. Let’s make your business dreams happen together with the right support and a plan that works just for you.

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Get Expert Support for the Right SME Small Business Loans

Realise the true potential of your operation with the right funding support. With our extensive resources, lender connections and expertise, we assist and support smaller enterprises to achieve the right funding solutions. Providing access to lenders that address the specific requirements of micro through to medium sized enterprises and the skill to negotiate and structure credit to meet individual objectives. Affordable credit at lower rates can be achieved for even the smallest operators. ABNs, self-employed, under 10 employees, turnover below $10m – all types of set-ups and structures can use our expert services to secure the right funding. Contact us to discuss the opportunities we may open for you to achieve your objectives.
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Full Range of SME Financing Solutions

As experts in funding for smaller operators in many industries, we appreciate the diverse range of requirements and provide credit options to suit all purposes. Our products include asset acquisition credit and a number of options to fund other types of expenses and support cash flow.

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Chattel Mortgage for All Types of Assets

This option suits many set-ups to fund cars, machinery, vans and all types of equipment used in a commercial operation. Lease, Rent-to-Buy and CHP also available.

Equipment Loans for Small Business

Select the credit facility that will work with your accounting method, tax and balance sheet strategy from our portfolio which includes Lease, Chattel Mortgage, CHP and Rent-to-Own. For new set-ups, speak with us about our No Doc Low Doc options.

SME Secured Business Loan

The banking sector can provide competitive options on secured credit for a range of expenditure and other purposes. We handle all the arrangements with the bank and negotiate the best rates.

Small Business Unsecured Loans

Suited for many purposes, unsecured credit is primarily driven by the non-bank lending market. We have lenders that will approve this type of credit by assessing 6 month turnover. Speak with us about an option to suit your requirements.

SME Loans for Many Types of Businesses, All Industries

We have a totally inclusive approach with customers from all industries and with all types of structures. Customers may be well-established or in the process of setting up. They may be a sole person set-up, partnership, incorporated or ABN only set-up. Industries include construction, health and medical professions, retail, agriculture, fitness and personal services, mining, IT, hospitality and many others.
  • Self-Employed Small Business Loans
  • ABN Funding
  • Partnerships and Family Enterprises.
  • Micro operators, freelancers, contractors.
  • Small and medium companies.
SME Loans for Various Business Types Across All Industries

Compare Our SME Financing Rates – Lowest from 80 Lenders!

Smaller operators can be offered competitive rates when they have access to the right lenders. Lenders we have access to. We source the lowest, most competitive rates that suit each customer from across 80 lenders.

While each application and the rate offered is determined on an individual basis, our current interest rates can be used for pre-purchase planning and comparing different options. Compare Leasing with Chattel Mortgage for example, compare repayment estimates on cars with different prices, compare repayments with cash flow forecasts. Then, to get an exact rate, speak with one of our brokers for a specific quote.


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Start realising the potential of your enterprise by speaking with us today about the right funding solutions. We’ll assist you with the application and expedite approval, often in 24 hours. Use our handy online resources or apply by phone.

How to Prepare with our Small Business Financing Calculator

We make it easier for operators to prep and plan those essential acquisitions where credit is required with our handy calculator. Anyone can use it without charge and without obligation, for all types of credit requirements and purchases.

The basic functions are easy by entering the amounts required or preferred. Change the values to establish the funding structure that works best for your cash flow and forecasts. Change the term and the percentage of a balloon and instantly see how that changes the monthly commitment. The results are only estimates but can provide valuable insights and clarity to support important purchase and funding decisions.

Get the Best Small Business Finance Rates with Our Broker Services

Getting the best interest rates can be a challenge when handled directly with the lender. By using our services, operators benefit from our industry-level contacts with lenders, our bargaining power in the commercial lending market and the sharp negotiating skills of our brokers. Credit is negotiating with fixed rates over a fixed term, to provide fixed monthly payments to work with cash flow.

  • Best, fixed interest rates for smaller operators.
  • Negotiated fixed terms.
  • Fixed repayments for confidence moving forward.

Get the Right Lenders for Small Business Loans

Getting the most workable credit can depend on the lender. With our 80+ lender base, we source the lender that is best suited to each of customers. Customers are assigned one of our highly skilled brokers to identify the right lender and handle the negotiations and arrangements including optimising outcomes for the latest tax rulings.

  • 80+ Lender Base – banks and non-bank lenders.
  • Specialist SME funding lenders.
  • Individually sourced and tax-optimised outcomes.
  • Services available Australia-wide.
Lender Loan Product Interest Rates From Monthly Repayment
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*The purpose of the interest rate comparison table is to provide a guide only and for comparing the interest rates on different commercial loan products. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. An offer made to you by a lender may be at a different interest rate and have a different repayment. Using this device is not an application, any indication of an offer, and is not a loan approval.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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SME Small Business Loans FAQ's

  • The balloon is an optional component of Commercial Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage. It is the percentage of the amount borrowed that is due to be paid as a lump sum after finalising the last repayments.

  • Typically, lenders will accept the machinery being purchased as the sole security against the funding. This is subject to lender approval and some applicants would be requested to provide additional collateral.

  • The choice of credit for vehicle purchases includes Chattel Mortgage, CHP and Leasing. The most suitable product is the one that suits the accounting method used by the operation and the approach taken by the operator to balance sheet and taxation.

  • Yes. All sized operators can claim the tax deductions relevant to credit product selected. Tax deductions vary with different credit products.

  • No. Asset acquisition funding is typically arranged with a fixed interest rate which remains the same over the full term of the credit.

  • Applicants for commercial credit are required to provide a range of documentation to show the financials for the operation. These can include tax returns, bank statements, trading figures, turnover and BAS returns. Where a new operation does not have these documents, they may source Low Doc and No Doc options through brokers and specialist lenders.

  • Yes. Registration to claim/charge GST is not needed to apply for commercial credit.

  • Yes. Leasing is one of a number of credit options for vehicle funding that sole traders may consider. The others are Chattel Mortgage and Commercial Hire Purchase.

  • Owner-drivers can select from Chattel Mortgage, Leasing, CHP and Rent-to-Own to fund new heavy vehicles.

  • No. All applications are assessed by lenders individually. Smaller operators with good turnover, strong financials and cash flow can be offered competitive rates.

  • The full selection of commercial credit products are available to all sizes and types of commercial enterprises. These include Lease, Chattel Mortgage, CHP and Rent-to-Own for asset purchases and secured and unsecured products for other purposes.

  • Yes. Sole traders, freelancers, contractors, micro operators and other self-employed operators are eligible for commercial funding. The essential criteria is to have an ABN.