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Sourcing cost-effective, tailored motor vehicle funding at the best rates can be a tiresome process for buyers faced with a large lender market and multiple options. The major banks offer competitive rates, and buyers seeking financing through ANZ can streamline the process and realise additional advantages by applying through Jade Finance. We are accredited with ANZ Bank, providing our brokers with access to their motor vehicle financing products and industry-level connections to arrange loans for our customers.

The cost of vehicle financing is critical to the overall expense of the vehicle and that cost is primarily determined by the interest rate. Buyers can realise the benefits of competitive interest rates from ANZ as one of the Big 4 Australian banks. By using Jade, buyers can realise the benefits of having their vehicle financing handled with the expertise and experience of our highly skilled brokers with our fast, streamlined lending process. To explore your ANZ options, contact us to discuss your requirements.

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Overview of ANZ Loan Options for Cars

ANZ Bank is the fourth largest of Australia’s banks and is active across multiple lending markets in addition to providing extensive savings, transactional, investment, superannuation and credit card services. The bank is committed to providing competitive lending rates and offering flexible solutions for motor vehicle lending that are tailored to their customers. Vehicle financing is available for both private and business buyers for new and second-hand vehicles.

ANZ’s Personal Loan allows private buyers to borrow from $5,000 to $50,000 for a motor vehicle. Terms of up to 7 years are available. This product may have a fixed or a variable interest rate to suit varying customer preferences for certainty or for flexibility. Business buyers have access to ANZ’s asset acquisition financing products – Hire Purchase, Lease and Chattel Mortgage, with solutions tailored to suit the cash flow and objectives of the operation.

We work with our customers to determine which of the ANZ products are best suited to their requirements. Negotiating with our ANZ contacts for the best rates and structuring terms and repayments to best match customer preferences. For a quick quote on an ANZ car loan, call us today.
  • ANZ Personal Loans for Cars.
  • Fixed and variable personal loan options.
  • Selection of Business Vehicle Financing Facilities.
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ANZ Car Finance Eligibility Criteria & Application Process

As a major bank, ANZ must adhere to the regulations and guidelines attached to banking status in Australia. In addition to the basic guidelines, banks can set their criteria for eligibility and approval of lending applications.

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Applicants do not have to hold an ANZ account and have an ANZ customer ID number to be eligible for motor vehicle credit. However, those who do not have an account and a customer number will need to provide the necessary ID verification documents.

To be eligible for an ANZ personal loan for a car, applicants must be a minimum of 18 years old, be an Australian citizen or a permanent resident or have the required visa. Applicants must earn $15,000 per year as a minimum.

To be eligible for ANZ business vehicle financing, applicants will also need to be over 18, an Australian citizen, hold an ABN, a partner, director or sole trader of the entity and the main decision-maker for financial decisions for the enterprise.

Application approvals and the interest rate offered is subject to the bank’s review of the financials and credit score of the applicant.

Applying for ANZ vehicle funding through Jade is an efficient and streamlined process. Simply connect with us online or by phone, brief one of our brokers, and leave it to us. We will source you the best offer from ANZ at the most competitive rate to suit your profile. When an offer is accepted, we work with our ANZ contact to approve your application.

  • Straightforward eligibility criteria.
  • Efficient ANZ car finance application process.
  • Expert brokers to handle your ANZ vehicle loan.

Choose ANZ Car Loans through Jade and Realise the Benefits

When choosing a lender, some car buyers will shop around for the best deals, while others will prioritise the reputation and standing of one of Australia’s trusted major banks. In addition to being a trusted lender, selecting ANZ Bank for motor vehicle funding can also offer buyers the distinct advantages of competitive interest rates, credit products to suit many different customer profiles and tailored solutions.

Selecting us to arrange that vehicle funding through ANZ simply adds to the advantages. Using our expert broker services does not slow down the process or add an extra stage or delay to getting approved. Due to our accreditation with ANZ, we know the bank’s product selection, know which customers will best suit each product and we know the matrix used by the bank to approve applications. Intel and expertise, which can significantly streamline and speed up the entire task of securing your vehicle financing.

As we assign a broker to each customer, support from your expert is available from the initial enquiry through to settlement. To get our experts to source your ANZ car loan, connect with us online or by phone.
  • Big 4 Bank competitive car finance rates.
  • Products to suit many customer profiles.
  • Expert brokers to arrange ANZ car finance.
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Compare Financing a Car with ANZ and Other Options

Financing vehicles through ANZ provides buyers with competitive rates through a trusted lender who focuses on their customers. But even with the tailored solutions, flexible options and rates, many buyers will still be keen to know if an ANZ car loan is the best offer available to them. To know what other interest rates and credit products are available in the motor vehicle lending market to compare with any ANZ offer.


To make the process of comparing vehicle financing options quick and easy, we provide comparison and calculation resources and tools. For private buyers, we have compiled a listing of the products and best rates currently available from leading lenders. Simply review the listing to see the options we can provide.


To calculate repayment estimates to compare, use our finance calculator. This device allows buyers to compare lender options, compare vehicles with different prices and work out their preferences for loan terms, balloons and deposits.


When working with Jade, if we can find you a motor vehicle finance offer from our 80+ lender panel that is better than one offered by ANZ, our brokers will provide you with the details to allow you to decide.

  • Quickly compare ANZ car loans against other lenders.
  • Easily calculate estimated ANZ vehicle finance repayments.
  • Compare ANZ loans on different vehicles.

Get Extra Advantages When Financing a Car through ANZ with Jade

Individuals and business operators can utilise our services with our 25+ years in the motor vehicle lending sector, to add even greater value to their vehicle finance from ANZ. With one of our expert brokers handling those critical discussions around rates, terms and conditions, buyers may achieve better solutions. Solutions which are individually tailored to suit their specific budget, cash flow, ownership cycle and the projected resale value of the vehicle.


Our brokers are experts in lending and work with ANZ and other lenders, to structure vehicle funding to optimise tax benefits for business buyers and with loan terms that are in line with repayment preferences. Negotiating on no deposit financing and balloons to ensure the outcome will work for the customer and suit the vehicle.


With access to more than 80 lenders, if a solution or product from ANZ does not meet customer requirements, we can source a solution that does meet those requirements. To discuss what extra advantages we may contribute to enhance your car financing experience, give us a call or connect online.

  • Expert brokers, 25+ years experience.
  • Secure the best financing from ANZ and 80+ lenders.
  • ANZ Business Vehicle Finance optimised for tax, cash flow.
  • Personal ANZ Car Loan repayments negotiated to suit individual budgets.
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* The comparison rate displayed is calculated for a loan of $30,000 over 5 years. The results from this calculator should be used as an indication only. Quoted repayments are based on advertised rates and do not include lender fees and charges. Results do not represent either quotes or pre-qualifications for a loan. The specific details of your loan will be provided to you in your loan contract. It is advised that you speak with us so that we can provide you with advice that is tailored to your situation.

DISCLAIMER: This comparison chart is provided for general reference purposes only. It is not in any way intended as a loan application, it is not a quote for business finance or any indication that an application has been received or approved. The rates quoted are for business use where the funds are predominately for business use and may not include all the fees and charges that may be applicable. The interest rates and the repayments displayed do not account for any conditions pertaining to your individual loan application. Therefore the interest rate and repayment you may be offered may vary from the amount shown.

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ANZ Car Finance FAQ's

  • ANZ provides personal loans for the purpose of financing motor vehicles.

  • Commercial credit facilities for asset acquisitions including Lease, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage tend to be available through all major banks. The specific features of each facility may vary with individual bank guidelines.

  • Where a loan applicant does not have an ANZ account and customer number, they are required to provide documents to verify their identification.

  • Yes. ANZ offers secured motor vehicle financing where the vehicle is the collateral for the funds borrowed. Whether or not additional security is required is subject to bank approval.

  • With personal car loans, ANZ offers options for both fixed and variable interest rates.

  • As is typical across the lending market, ANZ advertises the best rates available for new vehicles and for good credit profile applicants. The specific rate offered to an individual applicant is subject to the bank’s assessment of their credit score and financials.

  • Yes. ANZ provides business vehicle financing for sole traders.

  • The major banks are known for offering competitive rates across their lending markets.

  • The bank displays conditions for personal loans with a maximum borrowing of $50,000.

  • No deposit vehicle funding is available and subject to bank approval of individual applications.

  • Buyers can use an online motor vehicle financing calculator to generate estimated repayments on vehicle loans.

  • Yes. Funding is available through ANZ for used vehicles.

  • Any offer received from a bank can be different from estimates generated on an online calculation device because the rate offered can be different from the best rate advertised.

  • Business vehicle financing through ANZ includes a comprehensive portfolio of asset acquisition products, including Lease, Hire Purchase and Chattel Mortgage.

  • All types of business vehicle funding offer tax deductions. Lease payments are deductible. Chattel Mortgage and Hire Purchase provide a deduction when the vehicle is depreciated in line with the ATO schedule at time of purchase.