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Jade Finance has provided this handy, easy-to-use calculator to allow you to calculate the estimated repayments on personal loans. We provide personal loans for a wide range of purchases including cars, boats, motorbikes, lifestyle goods and caravans and you can use the calculator for these purchases.

If you’re hoping, dreaming, wishing about a purchase but you’re not sure repayments will fit your budget or you’re trying to decide between several different models at different prices, the calculator can be very useful in assisting with your decisions.

In using the calculator, please remember it is a generic device and does not have the functionality to factor in the unique specifics of your credit profile and the details of what you intend to purchase. It also can’t predict the level of success your Jade Finance consultant will achieve in negotiating the best personal loan for you. Your actual repayments may differ from the estimate.

Your Monthly Repayment:

Total Number of Repayments
Total Interest Paid
Balance Remaining


Simply complete all the required fields with the amounts relevant to your purchase and click calculate. You will immediately see the estimated monthly repayments displayed on your screen.

Loan Amount

  • Enter the amount you would like to borrow for your purchase.
  • This can be the total purchase price or you may also like to include an amount to cover other costs associated with your purchase including on-roads costs for a car purchase.

Interest Rate

  • Interest rates vary over time, from lender to lender and across the different categories of our loans.
  • For the ease of this estimate calculation, simply enter the interest rate that we are currently advertising for personal loans. You will see this displayed on many of our web pages.

Loan Term

  • This is the number of years you would ideally like to repay the loan, represented in years.
  • For most personal loans, from 2 to 4 years is acceptable by lenders.
  • Enter the amount in the field.

Now check you have completed all fields, especially the essential fields. If all fields are not complete, the calculation cannot be activated.

Now click calculate to see the result.


If the estimate or more or is less than you anticipated, you can change the amounts you entered and see immediately how that varies the repayment estimated.

A longer loan term reduces the monthly repayment and a shorter loan term increases the repayments but you finalise your loan earlier.

Happy with the result and would like to take your personal loan to the next level with a firm quote?

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Contact one of our Jade Finance consultants via email or phone for a conversation about your personal loan requirements.

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