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Imagine being able to just make a call to have your personal loan requirements handled by your own personal loan broker! Whoever you are, whatever your financial profile, wherever you are located in Australia – that can be a reality with a call to Jade Finance.

As Aussie finance brokers, Jade Finance offers a wide range of financial solutions to wide range of individuals for the purchase of goods and services and for debt consolidation. Brokers are not just for business and the rich and famous. Our finance broker services are for everyone.

Your Assurance of Workable Financial Solutions

Individuals seeking personal loans benefit greatly from the services of a Jade Finance broker because you will have the full strength of the expertise, experience and skills of your own Jade consultant handling your loan requirements.

  • Your consultant has the industry knowledge to know who to approach to source you the best personal loans.
  • Your consultant has the expert skills to negotiate the cheapest interest rates and loan terms for you.
  • Your consultant is eperienced and working solely in your personal interests.
  • Your consultant is focussed on delivering workable solutions to your financial needs.
  • Your consultant is non-judgemental, understands your aspirations and will work with you to achieve your goals.

Jade Finance – Better Financial Solutions

Jade Finance is accredited with a large number of banks and lenders including major Australian banks and numerous industry-only lenders. This means you are benefiting from an extremely in-depth assessment of a large number of loan offers available in your category and receiving the best loan offer at the cheapest interest rates.

As brokers, we’re not constrained by the strict guidelines that some banks include in their personal loan applications. We have the flexibility to negotiate, to find a lender that suits your profile and structure your loan to specific meet your requirements.

We’re an Australian-owned company and operate on a nation-wide basis to provide finance services to customers in all capital cities, major towns, regional areas and even the most remote locations.

Jade Finance is a member of FBAA. This involves signing on to the strict Code of Ethics which is under the control of the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited.

We provide an extremely straight-forward, transparent and streamlined personal loans service with quick approval, pre-approved loans, no deposit options and loans tailored to suit you.

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