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Better Equipment Finance, Better Equipment Rates

Equipment Finance Interest Rates start from only 3.3 %

To truly optimise the opportunities of investing in new equipment for your business, you need a great equipment finance deal to facilitate the purchase. A finance deal which not only based on a great interest rate but which is organised and sorted in a timely fashion. At Jade Equipment Finance we hear you! We listen to your requirements then we get to work to source you best equipment finance deal possible. A better finance deal at better rates and backed with our ‘make it better’ guarantee. If you can find an equipment finance deal better that ours, then we’ll make ours better, matching that offer and give you $200** cash to cover your trouble.

Equipment Finance Expertise

You benefit from our experience in financing a comprehensive range of machinery and equipment for a full spectrum of industries over many years and the expertise, insight and understanding we bring to your finance deal. As an independent equipment finance broker, we enjoy the flexibility to go well beyond the confines of a limited range of loan options which constrict the deals you will be offered by most banks and many finance institutions. We have full access to hundreds of business loan options from more than 40 lending organisations, most of which are not directly accessible to those outside the industry. Our focus is your business and we will track down the best option to meet your business goals and suit your cashflow demands.

Timely Service. Prompt Response. Efficient Process.

We operate to both our own and your demanding levels of productivity and efficiency to ensure a streamlined and timely process in securing your equipment finance deal. We minimise the time you need to spend by canvassing all possible options from multiple lenders to present you with preferred solution for your purchase. We handle the paperwork, the negotiations, comparisons and with your own Jade Equipment consultant to liaise with – we eliminate the frustration of waiting for calls to be returned, questions to be answered and emails replied to. We’re working for you, to your deadlines, to your budgets and to meet your expectations.

Better Equipment Finance Deals, Better Rates – How?

Because we take a proper business approach to business finance.

Whether you’re a sole trader, SME or large multi-national, your options when organising finance are usually the bank, a financial institution and a broker. The key benefits of dealing with a broker, such as Jade Equipment Finance, compared with the others are primarily that we are not hamstrung by rigid rules and guidelines set out by our head office, nor to a limited range of business finance options. We have the freedom and flexibility to source your finance solutions from multiple lenders and we can offer the full range of business finance packages.

  • Chattel Mortgage for machinery and equipment
  • Commercial Hire Purchase package
  • Machinery or Equipment Lease
  • An Operating Lease of Equipment Rental arrangement.
  • Refinancing of existing equipment finance to improve cashflow.
  • Flexible repayment terms

Jade Equipment Finance – Your Preferred Supplier

With nearly 20 years of experience in obtaining finance solutions for businesses as part of the Jade Finance group and as an Australian-owned business, we have a profound understanding of the needs of Australian business when it comes to replacing, upgrading or acquiring new equipment and machinery.

Our services are structured to meet the needs of small, medium and large businesses in many industries and we are resourced with high-end technology to support our highly-skilled team of consultants. Once you have selected the equipment you want to purchase, we’ll get straight down to the business of organising the finance. Or even before that – we can organise a pre-arranged finance package structure to meet your budget so you can confidently proceed with your purchase.

Who knows, with what we may save you on interest rates and hence repayments, you may be able to invest in some additional optional extras on your equipment.

Meet Your Budget Goals with a Jade Equipment Finance Package

Our consultants are committed to assisting you in achieving your objectives by securing you the best finance deal and best interest rates possible. Whether you’re just starting out and need equipment to get your new business happening or you’ve been in business for decades, whatever your industry, Jade Equipment Finance can assist with a solution to suit your tax requirements and accounting structure.

Construction, mining and engineering equipment to build your business

Manufacturing and industrial machinery to deliver superior products to your customers

The latest data, communications, tech and IT equipment to make connections faster and more efficiently

Health and medical facility equipment to improve overall business wellbeing

Transport industry finance for trucks, boats, commercial vessels, bus fleets and aviation

Just discuss your requirements with your Jade Equipment consultant who will effectively become your personal business manager. Assessing your requirements in line with your business objectives, canvassing all the options, structuring a package for your consideration and once you agree that is the right solution for you – handling the paperwork, process, approvals right through the final settlement when you can take possession of your equipment and put it to work.

For your Jade Equipment Finance consultant, no task is too daunting!

  • New business operators and first-time business loan applicants welcome
  • You are not in possession of all the documentation demanded by the banks – no problem
  • Not a problem if you have experienced issues with credit applications previously
  • Finance arranged for sole operators, partnerships, family businesses, SME’s and large corporates across Australia

If now’s the time for you to invest in machinery and equipment to improve the performance of your business, give Jade Equipment Finance a call for better finance deals and better interest rates.

Better Rates, Better Loans – Why?

Because Jade Finance is Better

Jade Finance is a totally independent finance broker so we’re working for you, not the banks and financial institutions. With access to most lenders, means great choices in loan options for you. We’re not limited to only what an individual bank or finance company can offer you nor are we restricted by their stringent guidelines.

This wider selection and our extensive knowledge and experience means better loans for you and our ability to structure the package to suit YOU, not the bank.

  • Loans for Personal Purchases
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Finance Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Repayment Terms which are set to suit you
  • Low Docs Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Loans for Personal Purchases
  • Finance Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Repayment Terms which are set to suit you
  • Low Docs Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans

About Jade Finance

The financial services sector is a continually evolving industry with new players constantly emerging on the scene and existing companies expanding their range of services. Amidst these developments, Jade Finance has been a strong, stable and extremely well-regarded company in the sector for many years.

Australian-owned with a focus on our customers, Jade has built its reputation on enabling customers to achieve their goals through exceptional service and delivery of the best finance products available.

A member of the FBAA, a nationally recognised Code of Practice governed by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), Jade is staffed with fully qualified, well-trained, licensed professionals who are specialists in their field. As a company, we are committed to our clients and you can be assured that your Jade consultant will work constantly and consistently in your best interests at all times.

Your Australian Lifestyle Finance Broker

Jade Finance is an Australian-owned finance business so we identify with and share your aspirations and we’re committed to empowering you to turn them into reality with great finance deals at the best interest rates.

Think of Jade as your lifestyle finance broker! We offer loans for both personal and business purposes. For work and play.

Sensational Caravan Finance to get you out and about on holidays or on that great adventure.
Cost-effective Truck Finance and Loan Packages to drive your business
Buoyant Boat Loans and Marine Finance Deals to float your dreams
Cheap Motor bike loans to rev up your lifestyle
Accelerated Car Loans to put you in the driver’s seat faster

Whatever your lifestyle aspirations, your Jade Finance consultant will assist you through every stage of the loan process to make them a reality. You of course make all the decision while we handle all the details and paperwork for you. As independent finance brokers we’re working for you and working hard for you.

  • If you only want to discuss a quote – no problem
  • If you have credit issues or no docs – no problem
  • If you have a multitude of questions – no problem
  • If you’ve never even applied for a loan – no problem

Your Jade Finance Consultant is ready to discuss everything with you. And you’ll quickly appreciate that we not only know finance but we are right across the car, motor bike, truck, caravan and boat markets with plenty of information to share on many aspects of the purchase process.

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