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Car Loans

Unlike banks and other lenders we’re not restrained by a limited choice of loan products. As an Aussie finance broker, Jade Finance is accredited with over 40 lenders, giving us access to hundreds of lending products, so we have a much bigger choice to source you the best car finance deal. Greater choice for us equates to a better car loan for you.

Best Car Loan Rates

lnterest rates dominate car loan advertising. You’re bombarded with car finance deals from dealers, finance companies and banks based primarily on their interest rate. Well while they’re all battling it out for your business and you’re trying to understand their fine print, Jade Finance has the ability to cut straight to the chase with the commitment to offer you the best car loan interest rates.

Personal Car Loans

For individual buying a car for personal use, a Personal Secured Car Loan is the most popular option. It suits most people, most cars, is straight-forward and includes Jade’s cheap interest rates. 

Car Leasing

Jade Finance offers a comprehensive selection of commercial finance facilities to businesses purchasing motor vehicles primarily for business use. Car Leasing is an off-balance sheet finance product where the lender purchases the vehicles, leases it back to your business and as such the asset appears on their balance sheet not yours. 

Car Loans With Bad Credit

If you have credit issues and concerned you may not be able to get a car loan. Or you’ve already been rejected for a car loan by a bank or lender. It doesn’t mean the end of your options. Jade Finance has a proven record of securing great car loan offers for individuals and businesses with bad credit. 

Novated Car Leasing – Salary Sacrificing

Jade Finance arranges Novated Car Leasing with Salary Sacrificing for businesses that choose to provide a car for an employee for use in their work and both employer and employee agree to deduct the costs associated with the vehicle from the employee’s salary package.

Chattel Car Mortgage

Jade Finance provides tailored Chattel Car Mortgage, at the cheapest interest rates, for the purchase of motor vehicles for business use. Chattel Mortgage is one of our most popular commercial finance products as many Australian businesses implement a cash accounting method - small owner-operators, SMEs and large corporations.

Commercial Hire Purchase

Jade Finance provides Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) to all types of businesses for the purchase of a wide range of motor vehicles to be used for business purposes. CHP is a widely-used commercial finance product as it suits the many businesses that operate with a cash or accrual accounting system. 

Rent to Own Car Finance

As a full service finance broker, Jade Finance offers the full suite of commercial finance facilities for business vehicle purchases, including Rent to Own or Car Rental Finance. Also known as an Operating Lease, this is an ‘off-balance sheet’ commercial finance product where the car does not appear on the borrower’s balance sheet as an asset/liability.

No Deposit Car Finance

If you’re in the market for a personal car loan or business vehicle finance, then your probably don’t want to use your existing cash reserves for the purchase. We understand that completely, which is why Jade Finance offers no deposit car finance across our full range of car loans and motor vehicle finance products, dependent on individual lender requirements.

Car Loan Broker

Jade Finance is an experienced finance broker, providing a comprehensive range of financial solutions for a wide range of personal purchases and business acquisitions. If you’ve never used the services of a finance broker, you’ll appreciate from your first conversation with one of our consultants how much easier it will be to have your car loan requirements handled by Jade.

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