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Jade Finance is an Aussie finance broker, providing a comprehensive range of financial solutions for a wide range of personal purchases and business acquisitions. If you’ve never used the services of a finance broker, you’ll appreciate from your first conversation with one of our consultants how much easier it will be to have your car loan requirements handled by Jade.

Some people wrongly assume that engaging a finance broker to handle their loans is the exclusive privilege of large companies or the wealthy elite. The services of Jade Finance are available to all types of customers – private individuals of all ages and all incomes, small owner-operator businesses through to the largest corporations.

In many cases, it is far more important for individuals and smaller operators to utilise a broker as they are often the people that have less bargaining power with lenders when they approach them directly and end up being offered expensive or complicated loans.

The banks don’t want you to know about Jade Finance brokers because they know we’ll bargain hard with them to the best deal for you.

Profile of Expertise

  • Jade Finance is an experienced finance broker, accredited with over 40 banks and lenders including the major Australian banks and many industry-only lenders.
  • With access to a vast number of lenders we have more options available to source your loan and more choices equates to cheaper loans.
  • We’re not limited to just offering you the standard car loans that your bank will offer and we’re not restricted by their stringent guidelines. We have the autonomy and flexibility to negotiate car loan terms and conditions that suit you, not the bank’s shareholders.
  • As your broker, we’re working for you and you have the full support of our wealth of knowledge, expertise and experience working to your advantage to secure the best car a loan.
  • An Australian-owned company, we are committed to assisting Australian individuals and businesses to achieve their financial goals, with great car finance deals.
  • Jade Finance is a member of FBAA and abides by the Code of Ethics, which is overseen by the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited.

Working with Jade Finance

  • Engaging Jade Finance to handle your car finance is not an intimidating or daunting experience. We’re working for you and we provide services to make your life easier.
  • Once you contact Jade, you’ll be designated your own consultant, a licensed finance professional, who will be handling your car loan from start to completion. The consultant will discuss your needs, ask the relevant questions, then source you a car loan quote. You are under no obligation to accept the quote, but we are confident it will be include the cheapest interest rates and be the best deal available.
  • On accepting our quote, your consultant will process your application, handle the paperwork, liaise with the lender and your seller if required to quickly finalise your car purchase.
  • The entire process is streamlined, straight-forward and simple.

Jade Finance gives you the advantage in securing a car loan or motor vehicle finance and ensures that your aspirations are realised – at cheap interest rates!

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