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Jade Finance specialises in loans for leisure goods and can offer you the best loan on your camper trailer purchase at the cheapest interest rates.

Camper trailers are positioned as an affordable option for those seeking outdoor adventure or convenient holiday accommodation. But that ‘affordability’ can quickly dissipate with a high cost loan. Jade Finance ensures your camper trailer remains affordable with the best loan, based on better interest rates.

Capture a Cheaper Camper Trailer Loan

As specialists in the lifestyle sector we share your desire for the freedom offered by the open road. Jade Finance enjoys the freedom of being able to explore the camper trailer loan options across the full range of our lender base.

Jade Finance is an independent finance broker, accredited with many banks and lenders. This wider scope means more loan choices for us to assess, with the outcome being a better camper trailer loan for you. As major leaders in this sector, we have strong bargaining power which we use with our tough negotiating skills to push the interest rates down to the lowest possible level and manipulate the terms and conditions to what you would like. We’re working for you and you can expect that we will be working only in your best interests to secure you the best camper trailer loan.

If you’re camper trailer is primarily for personal use, we provide Camper Trailer Secured Loans and Unsecured Personal Loans. All our camper trailer loans include Jade’s signature cheap interest rates, fixed repayments, fixed term and loan conditions tailored to suit your requirements.

If you’re purchasing a camper trailer to use in your business operation – research, mining, exploration, rental business, construction – we provide the full range of commercial finance products: Chattel Mortgage, Camper Trailer Leasing, Camper Trailer Rental and CHP. All structured to suit your business and based on our cheap interest rates which are fixed for the fixed loan term and with fixed monthly repayments.

  • No Deposit Camper Trailer Loans
  • Quick Loan Approvals
  • Pre-Approved Loans
  • Bad Credit & No Doc Options

Australia-wide Loan Service

Our camper trailer loans are available for new and used vehicles, purchased from a dealer, a private seller or even through an auction house. If you are purchasing at auction or through an online marketplace, ask your Jade consultant to arrange a pre-approved loan so you are completely sorted before you start bidding.

At the close of the auction or fall of the hammer, you’ll be ready to finalise your purchase quickly and easily. Your consultant will handle the paperwork to save you time and hassle.

Jade Finance is an Australian-owned company operating across the country. So if you’re purchasing a camper trailer from interstate, we can assist not only with a great camper trailer loan but with other issues including REVs, checking for encumbrances, rego requirements in other states and insurance.

Get your camper trailer adventure off to a great start with a Jade Finance camper trailer loan. Call and speak with one our consultants about your requirements. Call 1300 000 003

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