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We can provide no deposit motor finance across our loan portfolio and we can achieve cheaper interest rates across all our finance products. To see exactly how our best car finance rates compare with others you may source in the market, use our handy reference chart. Enter the loan amount you want and the loan term and the chart instantly calculates the repayment based on that rate, subject to details as noted. It’s quick and easy to see the better finance deals that we can achieve. To find out exactly what we can achieve for you, call 1300 000 008 and discuss your requirements with one of our consultants.

Loan Amount
Loan Term
Secured Car Loan
4.99% Secured From:
5.87% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Variable Rate Personal Loan
13.50% Representative From:
14.37% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Variable Personal Loan
12.99% Variable From:
13.86% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Variable Personal Loan
12.69% Variable From:
13.56% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
St George
Secured Personal Loan
11.49 % Fixed From:
12.57% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Secured Car Loan
7.79% Fixed From:
8.39% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
New & Used Car Loans Secured up to 7 years old
11.99% Fixed From:
13.15% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Secured Fixed Car Loan
11.89% Variable From:
12.15% Comparison From:
Monthly repayment
Lender Product Name Advertised Rate
Comparison Rate
Monthly Repayment
Jade Secured Car Loan 4.99%Secured 5.87%
CBA Variable Rate Personal Loan 13.50%Representative 14.37%
ANZ Variable Personal Loan 12.99%Variable 13.86%
NAB Variable Personal Loan 12.69%Variable 13.56%
St George Secured Personal Loan 11.49 %Fixed 12.57%
Suncorp Secured Car Loan 7.79%Fixed 8.39%
Westpac New & Used Car Loans Secured up to 7 years old 11.99%Fixed 13.15%
CUA Secured Fixed Car Loan 11.89%Variable 12.15%
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DISCLAIMER: This loan comparison chart is provided as a reference tool only. Use of the tool is not an application for finance and the results calculated are not an offer of finance, a loan quote. Use of the tool does not indicate loan approval. The interest rates as shown do not include all the fees and charges which may apply to that loan category

WARNING: Comparison rate applies only to the examples given. The rate is based upon $30000 loan over 5years term loan. Different financing amounts and terms will result in different comparison rates. Additional fees or early repayment fees may not be  included in the comparison rate but may influence the cost of the loan or the fees and conditions that may apply to your finance. The car loan interest rate you are offered and any loan quote you receive may vary from that shown.


If you’re in the market for a personal car loan or business vehicle finance, then your probably don’t want to use your existing cash reserves for the purchase. We understand that completely, which is why Jade Finance offers no deposit car finance across our full range of car loans and motor vehicle finance products, dependent on individual lender requirements.

That means, there is no deposit requested by whichever lender we arrange your car loan with. You can include the total purchase price of the car and some extra expenses, in the loan amount and keep your cash for other purposes.

This ‘no deposit’ feature is distinct from a deposit which may be requested by the seller. If purchasing say a new car from a motor dealer, they will most likely ask for a ‘holding deposit’ to confirm the sale while they prepare your vehicle for delivery.

If buying from a private seller and you need time to arrange your car loan, the seller may want you to put some money up to secure the sale so they can take it off the market. If buying at auction, you will definitely need to pay a deposit ‘on the hammer’.

However, these seller deposits are usually refundable – sometimes a dealer or auction house will take a credit card imprint as security.

Key Points for Consideration

  • Your Jade Finance consultant will arrange your car loan for 100% of the price of the car. No deposit is required by the lender. We know what lenders will extend this loan feature and we will source your car loan from them.
  • No deposit finance is available for business motor vehicle finance and personal secured car loans.
  • Depending on the condition of a used car will determine the preparedness of a lender to extend a no deposit car loan offer. If you definitely require a no deposit loan for a used car,  your Jade Finance consultant is ideally positioned with a great network of contacts to source an offer for you.
  • For business finance customers, Chattel Mortgage, CHP, Car Lease and Rent to Own can all be arranged with no deposit.
  • When assessing your financial objectives moving forward, take into account that if you do pay a deposit to the seller, say 10-15% of the price of the car and borrow the remaining 85-90% from the lender, you are reducing your overall loan amount. This will reduce your monthly repayments and/or reduce your loan term. So you can pay off your car faster.
  • If you’re purchasing in an environment that requires a significant deposit by the seller and you want to avoid large sums of your cash being held for a length of time, we have a solution. You can contact Jade Finance before you start car shopping and arrange pre-approved car finance. With your application approved and car loan in place, your Jade consultant will be able to quickly complete the sale for you. Handling the paperwork, liaising with the seller and checking REVs and other regs.

Jade Finance are car loan professionals with a wealth of knowledge and information to assist with your car purchase. So please contact us to ask all the questions you have in regard to car financing.

Speak with a Jade Finance Consultant to discuss a no deposit car loan. Call 1300 000 008

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