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Finance Equipment Interest Rates

Jade Finance provides the cheapest interest rates on equipment finance to support businesses achieve their productivity and profitability targets.

The acquisition of equipment is a major investment with the cost/benefit analysis based on projected output. But your ROI expectations may not be achieved if you settle for high interest rates on your equipment finance deals.

A small percentage difference in the interest rate can become a sizeable outlay over the term of a loan. An outlay which can seriously impact your expected performance for that equipment.

To secure the best interest rate on your business equipment loan you need to work with a specialist in equipment finance. Jade Finance is a specialist in all aspects of commercial finance with particular expertise in loans for equipment across all industry sectors.

We completely understand and respect that your equipment purchase is a major business investment and we focus on achieving you the cheapest interest rate a critical component of the overall loan.

Securing the Best Interest Rates

You don’t know if you have the best interest rate unless you have something to compare it against. Jade Finance has accreditation with a large number of banks and lenders so we have many choices to ensure we are securing you the best rate for your specific loan

The interest rate offered is determined by a combination of both external factors and the specifics of your loan:

  • Whether or not a lender extends finance to your industry sector.
  • A lender’s access to their own funds, their guidelines and their specific method of pricing equipment loans as well as global impacts.
  • The amount of your equipment loan and the term.
  • Condition and type of equipment being financed.
  • Your credit profile and credit risk assessment.

Your Jade consultant considers that offer and with the backing of our bargaining power and expert skills, negotiates the interest rate offered down to - the best interest rate.

Jade Finance is accredited with all major Australian banks including the big four: Westpac, ANZ, CBA, NAB. If you have strategic reasons for wanting your bank to finance your equipment loan, your Jade Finance consultant is quite prepared to handle the negotiations on your behalf to secure the best equipment interest rate for you.

Streamlined Service

Taking the DIY approach to securing a cheap interest rate is time-consuming, can be extremely confusing and without the right contacts, not deliver the result you expect. The Jade Finance service is streamlined, straight forward and saves you time, hassle and money.

Whether you’re a small owner-operator business, a medium concern or a large corporation, contacting Jade Finance to source you the best equipment interest rate is an astute business decision.

Speak with a Jade Finance Consultant in regard to sourcing you the best equipment loan interest rate. Call 1300 000 003

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