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Caravan Loan Calculator - Caravan Finance

Jade Finance shares your passion for the freedom and flexibility offered by a caravanning lifestyle. While you’re on the road, at your favourite idyllic location or even at home dreaming of buying a motorhome or RV, you can easily calculate caravan finance repayments.

From any device with internet connection, the Jade Finance calculator will give you a ballpark estimate on repayments for a camper, caravan, motorhome or RV loan to allow you to cull your wish list down to the best possibilities.

Your Monthly Repayment:

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Estimates are generated instantly so there’s no waiting.

Total Loan Amount

  • In this field, enter the amount you plan to borrow to purchase a specific caravan or even an average purchase price.
  • You can include the purchase price only, the price less a deposit or trade-in, or add extra to cover the additional costs involved in the sale, eg rego, dealer charges, accessories.

Interest Rate

  • The exact interest rate on you caravan finance offer will only be known after your Jade consultant processes your application and negotiates with lenders to get you the cheapest rate.
  • For the purpose of this estimate, enter the interest rate that we are currently advertising for caravan finance. You’ll find it on our Caravan Finance webpage and home page.

Loan Term

  • This is the number of years you anticipate you will need to repay the loan. Typically, this may vary from as little as 2 years up to 6 years for most loan products.
  • Enter the number of years you consider realistic.


  • This is an optional loan feature and is applicable to business finance deals including CHP, Leasing and Chattel Mortgage.
  • If you’re purchasing a caravan, RV, motorhome or camper primarily for business use, you can select the percentage of the purchase price you would like as a balloon. This payment is due on completion of all monthly repayments.

Check you have entered amounts and details into all essential fields and then…


The calculator instantly estimates the monthly repayments on the figures you have entered. It cannot allow for differences in individual applications so your actual repayment may differ from the ballpark.

If our ballpark meets your expectations, then hitch up to Jade Finance and get your caravan finance deal moving.

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