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Best Car Loans Interest Rates

20 Sep Today's best
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lnterest rates dominate car loan advertising. You’re bombarded with car finance deals from dealers, finance companies and banks based primarily on their interest rate. Well while they’re all battling it out for your business and you’re trying to understand their fine print, Jade Finance has the ability to cut straight to the chase with the commitment to offer you the best car loans interest rates.

Cheap interest rates is not just an advertising slogan for us. It’s our commitment to you, in our company DNA, our driving force!

Our Cheap Car FinanceInterest Rates Commitment

We don’t like to be beaten on interest rates so we try harder to secure you the cheapest rate on your car loan. As Aussie brokers, we’re not locked into what only one bank or one lender will offer you - we have multiple lenders to access car finance.

  • More lenders, more choices, cheaper rates: a wider field means we can find the cheapest rates.
  • Superior negotiating skills to bargain the best rate for you: our consultants are professional finance negotiators.
  • Strong bargaining power across more banks and lenders: the market knows that Jade is a leader in the motor vehicle lending and they want our business and are prepared to deal.
  • Your best interests are our only focus: we’re your broker and we work only for you!

Interest Rates Explainer

Interest rates are only one element of a car loan but a very important one. Over the term of your car loan, a small percentage variation in the interest rate can mean a significant amount of money.

Interest rates vary from lender to lender depending on their speciality, their internal guidelines, how they price funds and the access they have to funds as well as what’s happening in the global economy.

  • Personal car loans and business vehicle finance interest rates can vary.
  • Rates can vary depending on specifics of the vehicle: condition, age, purchase price.
  • Rates vary based on individual application and credit profiles, term of the loan and perceived risk factors.

Comparison Interest Rates

  • With car loan advertisements you’ll notice a main interest rate and a comparison rate. This is different from comparing interest rates. The law requires lender to display both rates. The interest rate is used to calculate the car loan initially, but the comparison rate is the rate which applies to the car loan once all fees and charges have been accounted for. These fees vary across lenders.
  • Often low interest rate offers hide higher fees and charges so the comparison rate is significantly higher and the overall cost of the loan, ie what you are repaying, is higher.
  • Always pay attention to the comparison interest rate, not just the advertised rate.

Read more about Comparison Interest Rates in our Blog explainer articles.

Your Jade Finance consultant will always provide you with a fully inclusive car loan offer and will explain all the details so you can make a fully informed decision. A decision made with the confidence that Jade has sourced you the cheapest interest rates and is working in your best interests.

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