Lifestyle After Lockdown

The restrictions are being lifted and it’s time to let go and get out and recapture your life. Or create a new-style of life after lockdown. Life won’t be quite the same as it was before coronavirus, at least for some time to come or until a vaccine is available. So you might have to adapt some aspects of your life and that may involve major purchases – both for fun and to make your life easier.

We’ve taken a look at what that might involve.


New social distancing rules mean capacity on public transport has been drastically reduced. This means less passengers allowed on buses, trains, trams and ferries and possibly much longer commute times if you public transport is your preferred mode of travel to work.

If you use a share car service, they are likely to be in high demand and hard to book. So now may be the right time to buy a car. If you’re primarily going to be driving to/from work then a small sized, city style vehicle is a good option.

But what about weekends? Getaways are back on the agenda and that means – road trip! You’ll need a car large enough to take your sporting equipment, luggage and friends and have the creature comforts to keep you comfortable and entertained for the long drives.

New or used? Always a controversial topic so if you ask around for opinions – you were warned! New car dealers experienced a downturn during the crisis and will no doubt be enthusiastic to offer great deals to move stock. And watch out for EOFY clearance specials as they are usually huge.

Used car are always in good supply and you have a choice of buying privately, at auction or from a dealer. It’s wise to review your consumer rights through your state government department so you are aware of warranty coverage in your state.

Whatever car you choose and from whoever you purchase, Jade Finance can assist with cheap car loan rates. To provide you with greater confidence in entering discussions with a seller, speak with our consultants about a pre-approved car loan. Knowing you have the loan sorted upfront can greatly ease the pressure of the car buying process.


Owning a boat is on many people’s wish lists and bucket lists and no doubt many more joined the ranks during lockdown. Getting out and about on the water will be even more enjoyable after months of restrictions. So which boat to buy?

Consider how many people you want to take on the boat; what you want to use it for – fishing, general relaxation, overnighting, water skiing; on what waterways you will be boating; sail or power; and very importantly where you will moor or store your boat. If considering a trailer boat you also need to ensure you have a suitable vehicle to tow the boat and trailer.

New or used? That decision is likely to come down to budget. To assist with decision making, use our online boat loan calculator to calculate a rough estimate of monthly repayments on different boats while you are browsing selections online. It allows you to easily compare models, brands and new and used in the same category.

Once you’ve made your decision, your Jade consultant can sort out your boat loan and don’t forget to include all the safety equipment and other essential gear you may need in the loan amount.


Yes, the open road is once again beckoning. Well not the full length, depending in which state you live, but at least to the border. After months in lockdown, the freedom and open air of caravan life is looking very, very appealing.

The first thing is to decide which type of van you will buy: traditional caravan, camper trailer, pop-out, pop-up, toy hauler, off-road caravan, RV or motorhome.

Then comes size which will be determined by the number of people you want to accommodate; where you intend to travel; and the towing capability of your car.

New or used? Unless manufacturers have some showroom stock, many new caravans are built to order. Great if you want to customise to suit your preferences but if you’re in a hurry to buy, you may not want to wait. Speak with the dealers as to what is available new to suit your timeline or consider the used market.

Before you start looking, why not speak with Jade Finance and get your caravan loan pre-approved.

Motor Bikes

Motor bike fans never need an excuse to buy a new motorcycle but emerging from lockdown into uncertain times sounds like a great reason for a new bike. Perhaps you want to smash the commute and avoid public transport; set-up a side hack in a delivery service; travel to regional areas for holidays; or head off-road for some high energy excitement.

Whatever you want to purchase to enhance your life and lifestyle, Jade Finance can support you with a cheap motorcycle loan to make it happen.

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