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Finance a Motorcycle With Jade Finance

Jade Finance makes owning a motor bike for the first time, upgrading to a new model or adding a new motor cycle to your collection an easy-riding process with our cheap interest rate bike loans.

If your leisure plans include touring on a classic motorcycle, venturing off-road with mates on your all-terrain bikes, competing on your sports racer or just collecting and restoring classic models from the past, your Jade consultant will craft a motorcycle loan to suit you and your ride.

Our cheap interest rates are legendary across the bike circuit and we’re not putting the brakes on securing our customers the best motorcycle finance deals at the best interest rates, anytime soon.

We can achieve these cheap rates because we have accreditation with more banks and lenders. That’s more options, more offers and more deals for our sharp consultants to tune down to the lowest possible rates. Having direct access to specialists in bike finance is important as it means the lender knows the motorbike market, has confidence to lend in the sector and is open to wheeling and dealing on rates, terms and conditions. If a lender does not offer specialist loans, chances are their offers will be priced higher.

Motorbike Loan Options: New and Used, Personal and Business Rides

If you bike is primarily for private use:-

Secured Motorbike Loan

  • The motorcycle is used as collateral against the loan.
  • Jade’s cheap interest rates, fixed for the loan term.
  • Fixed repayments negotiated to suit your means.
  • Fixed loan term with minimal break fees for early payout.

Unsecured Personal Loan

  • No collateral is offered.
  • Jade’s cheap interest rates but rate will be higher than the secured loan: fixed or variable rates.
  • Fixed repayments with option to make additional payments.
  • Fixed loan term with minimal break fees for early payout on fixed interest rate and no break fees on variable interest rates.

Practical Commercial Motorcycle Finance to Support your Business

If your motorbike is used primarily for work purposes, you may qualify for a commercial motorcycle finance package, with choices including:-

  • Motorbike Chattel Mortgage
  • Motorcycle Leasing
  • Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP) for Bikes and Scooters

The decision as to which is best suited to your business should be made in consultation with your accountant. Your Jade consultant can provide information and details on each product.

Professional Advice, Inclusive Service

Jade Finance provides loans for all makes and models, new and used, purchased privately, from a dealer or from interstate. All Jade consultants are licensed finance professionals, highly trained, with expertise across the finance sector and thorough knowledge across the motorcycle market.

Our skill and experience enables us to assist all motorcycle buyers, even if you have bad credit, low docs or other credit issues which have previously prevented you from securing bike finance.

Turn that bike-owning dream into a reality asap. Use our online calculator for an instant estimate, call us for a quick call, or discuss getting your application processed with one of our consultants today.

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MotorcycleFinance Calculator

When utilising the motorcycle finance calculator, please be mindful of these possible points: The resulting regular monthly payment that is calculated is not a certain loan quote, it is not a finance offer as well as it does not mean your application has been approved for that, or any other finance. The finance amount that you enter might not be the final total amount loaned as there could possibly be added loan fees and costs applied by the loan provider or financial institution. You can include an added sum in the loan total for the additional costs for insurance coverage, extended warranties or extra expenses associated with what you are buying.
This calculator is available to give price estimate quotes based on the input data only. It does not take into consideration individual application differences. The financing deal and repayment figure you receive from your Jade specialist may be greater or lower than the result you have calculated.
This calculator is developed to determine motorbike financing repayments based upon a provided rates of interest over an established period. It is not to be utilised for any motorcycle interest-only loan estimations. It calculates rate of interest as well as payments by compounding calculation over the regular monthly term.

Finance Calculator Disclaimer

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