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Equipment Finance Calculator | Equipment Loans

Jade Finance simplifies the process of budgeting and projections for the purchase of business equipment, by placing this equipment finance calculator at your fingertips.

If you’re business is in the process of planning the acquisition of any type of equipment – heavy industrial, specialist medical, IT and technical installations, machinery, aircraft, marine vessels, gym and fitness gear, agricultural machinery – in any industry, you can estimate monthly repayments instantly.

The calculator is an invaluable tool for business budget planning as it can be used for equipment financed by the full range of Jade commercial finance facilities: CHP, Equipment Leasing, Chattel Mortgage and Equipment Rental.

Your Monthly Repayment:

Total Number of Repayments
Total Interest Paid
Balance Remaining


Finance Amount

  • Enter the total amount for your equipment finance loan. This may be the purchase price only or the purchase price plus an additional amount for costs associated with the purchase including delivery of the equipment, installation and commissioning and other expenditure items.
  • When providing your firm quote, your Jade consultant will confirm the lender’s approval to include your additional costs.

Interest Rate

  • As interest rates vary across lenders and for individual businesses, for the purpose of this estimate, enter the current interest rate on equipment finance that we are advertising.
  • Your Jade Finance consultant will negotiate the cheapest rate on your loan, so your actual rate may vary from today’s rate.

Finance Term

  • Input the term you would like to repay the finance. For large value equipment this may be up to 7 years. The longer the term the lower the monthly repayments. The shorter the term the less the overall finance will cost but monthly repayments are larger.

Balloon, Buyback, Residual

  • Commercial finance facilities include the option for a balloon/residual/buyback. This option can be utilised very effectively in your strategic business finance plans.
  • This is not compulsory. If you do choose to include a balloon, enter the percentage of the equipment price you feel appropriate.

Check that you have completed all essential fields and entered the correct amounts and you’re now ready to calculate your equipment finance repayment estimate, yourself.


Automatically a ballpark repayment estimate will appear in the result field.

The functionality of the software does not allow for individual considerations but it should be a good indication for you to use in decision-making, planning and moving forward with your business plans.

You can vary the term and balloon to arrive at a different estimate. Repeat the process for any other equipment.

If the estimate is workable with your cash flow and objectives, follow through with a discussion with a Jade Finance consultant for a firm quote which will take into account your unique application requirements.

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