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Best Business Loan Interest Rates

Jade Finance has not only a commitment, but a proven track record of supporting Australian businesses with the best and the cheapest interest rates on business loans. Interest rates have fluctuated regularly over since Jade Finance was established, but our drive to provide the best rates has never wavered.

Best Equipment Rates

Jade Finance provides the cheapest interest rates on equipment finance to support businesses achieve their productivity and profitability targets.

Equipment Loans

With nearly 20 years of experience in obtaining finance solutions for businesses as part of the Jade Finance group and as an Australian-owned business, we have a profound understanding of the needs of Australian business when it comes to replacing, upgrading or acquiring new equipment and machinery.

Truck Loans

Finance, loans and interest rates dominate the media, making it very clear that there are a lot of players on this super highway. To secure the best deal, you need to have confidence that your truck finance broker is the real deal and can deliver on promises.

Agricultural Loans

Jade Finance supports businesses in the agricultural sector with a wide range of loans and financial solutions to address your individual requirements. As an Australian-owned business operating across the nation, we are fully aware of both the challenges and the opportunities faced by our agricultural customers.

Aircraft Finance

Jade Finance provides a wide range of commercial finance products for businesses operating in the aircraft and aviation industry. While operations in the aviation sector are driven, understandably, by strict regulations, your aircraft finance should not be restricting your business growth.

Trailer Finance

Jade Finance supports both trucking and transport operators and general businesses operating their own transport with outstanding trailer finance deals. Transporting cargo, goods and equipment is a tough and demanding process and we fully understand the challenges faced by operators in this sector. 

Plant and Machinery Finance

Jade Finance provides businesses with the full range of finance package options to facilitate investment in plant and machinery. We work will all sized businesses across all industry sectors and provide a designated Jade Finance consultant to personally handle your finance requirements.

Insurance Premium Funding

Jade Finance provides Insurance Premium Funding as part of our portfolio of commercial finance facilities for business facing large commercial insurance premiums. While consumers have the convenience of paying many of their annual insurance premiums ‘by the month’, the same arrangement is not always readily offered to business.

Business Finance Bad Credit

Jade Finance is a full service and highly experienced finance broker and our services are available to all business owners, including those with bad credit and other credit issues. Businesses with bad credit are more vulnerable to accepting expensive and ineffective finance deals thinking that is all they will ever be offered. 

Business Overdraft

Jade Finance provides Business Overdraft as part of our portfolio of commercial finance products. Business overdraft is one of the most commonly used forms of finance and many companies have utilised this facility from their bank at some stage, or do so on an ongoing basis.

Equipment Loan Broker

Jade Finance is an Aussie finance broker, providing Australian businesses with simplified, streamlined and convenient access to better equipment finance deals. We handle the full range of commercial finance products and work closely with our customers to tailor the finance deal that meets their requirements for their equipment purchase.

Business Loan Broker

Jade Finance is an experienced finance broker, providing a range of commercial finance products including commercial loans for all types of businesses. Finance brokers are not the exclusive privilege of large companies, they are for all companies.

Debtor Invoice Funding

As an integral part of our commercial loan portfolio, Jade Finance provides effective Debtor Invoice Funding to support businesses on either a long-term ongoing basis or to solve short-term cash flow issues. 

Truck Loan Broker

The Australian transport industry is one of the most demanding and competitive environments imaginable. To be competitive, to make your business work, grow and thrive, you need a finance partner that shares your drive and ambition.

Unsecured Business Loans

Jade Finance is a full service, experienced finance broker and our range of business finance products includes sourcing unsecured business loans. We are a well-established and highly experienced company with expertise across the full spectrum of commercial finance in all industry sectors.

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