Hire Purchase Calculator - CHP Calculator

Jade Finance provides use of this calculator tool, free of charge to all businesses for the convenience of calculating repayment estimates on the acquisition of assets with Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP).

CHP is a popular form of finance as it suits many businesses that use a cash accounting method and can be applied to the acquisition of motor vehicles, marine vessels, all types of business and industrial equipment, trucks and caravan/motorhome vehicles for business use.


You simply enter the values of the asset you intend to purchase into the displayed fields and click calculate to arrive at the repayment estimate.

Total Amount for CHP

  • Enter the total amount you require to be financed with CHP.
  • This may be only the asset price or the asset price plus an allowance to cover other expenditure involved in the purchase: delivery, commissioning, dealer charges, auction house fees.
  • No deposit is required by most lenders on CHP finance so the full purchase price can be financed.

CHP Interest Rates

  • The interest rate field shows a range of values to select from.
  • The interest rate on your specific CHP loan will be determined by a number of factors which are beyond the capability of the calculator to predict.
  • To receive an estimate right now, simply enter the Jade interest rate displayed as our current business rate for the category of goods you are purchasing.

CHP Term

  • Enter the number of years you would like to repay your CHP loan.
  • The range available for CHP is 1-7 years depending on the asset, lender and other factors.
  • Repayments on CHP are not tax deductible, only the interest portion is tax deductible. This might impact your decision-making.

Balloon Amount

  • CHP finance has the option of including a balloon amount which is a percentage of the purchase price, payable at the conclusion of the loan term, when all other payments are finalised.
  • If you choose this option, enter the value as a percentage of the total loan amount you entered above.

With all fields completed, simply click calculate.


To alter the repayment, simply change the values you entered for loan term and balloon and you will see how those amounts change the repayment level.

If the repayment estimate is in your ballpark and you’re ready to move, contact Jade Finance via email or phone to get a quick quote on a CHP loan for your asset acquisition.

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