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Jade Finance provides this free calculator tool for all businesses to quickly and easily calculate estimated repayments for the acquisition of assets with a Chattel Mortgage.

As the most commonly utilised form of business finance, Chattel Mortgage suits many types of purchases including business vehicles, boats and marine vessels, equipment, trucks and caravans used for business purposes.

The calculator can be used to calculate estimates on all these purchases.

Use our online finance repayment calculator to get an estimate on repayments for your required loan.

Finance Calculator Disclaimer


Finance Amount

  • Enter the amount you need to be financed in this field.
  • The amount may be just the purchase price of the goods or the purchase plus additional expenses related to the acquisition. Delivery, dealer costs, installation and commissioning, extended warranties etc may be included in the total loan, as approved by the lender.
  • No deposit is required by the lender, so the total amount can be included in the Chattel Mortgage

Interest Rate

  • Our Jade interest rate for business purchases varies across the different categories: cars, boats, truck, caravans, and can vary over time and across our lender base.
  • To achieve an estimate today, use our current advertised rate as displayed on the web page for your purchase category.

Loan Term

  • Chattel Mortgage may have terms up to 7 years, depending on the lender, the amount to be financed and the actual assets.
  • Enter the term that best suits your business modelling.


  • With a Chattel Mortgage you have the option to include a balloon amount which is payable at the end of the loan term when all repayments are finalised.
  • If you choose to include a balloon, enter the value as a percentage of the total amount to be financed.

With all fields including the essential data completed, you can now instantly calculate a monthly repayment estimate based on those values.


A repayment amount will appear in the result field.

To change the repayment estimate, simply vary the values of the entered data: term, total loan and balloon.

Be mindful that the software is generic and does not include functionality to cater for variables such as your unique application details, lender guidelines, the specifics of what you are purchasing and the prowess of your Jade consultant to negotiate a better interest rate and overall better Chattel Mortgage for you.

If the estimate is workable or you would like to discuss an even better deal, contact a Jade Finance consultant.

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