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Boat Loan Calculator | Boat Finance

Jade Finance makes the decision about what boat to buy a lot easier with our boat finance calculator. While you’re browsing the boat sale sites, flipping through brochures or inspecting a possible at a boat show or marina, you can calculate an estimated repayment on a particular boat on the spot.

Your Monthly Repayment:

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In many cases the decision on which boat you’ll buy comes down to what you can afford or are prepared to pay in monthly instalments. Our handy calculator delivers that monthly repayment estimate into your mobile device, laptop or computer wherever you have an internet connection.

The calculator is a generic device so both private buyers and marine businesses can use the facility. It can be used to calculate estimates on all types of boats, new and used, purchased from dealers, at auction of from private sellers.


So get those boat options lined up and get started on calculating those estimates.

Just enter the data in the fields as indicated. Some fields require essential information. Without data entered in that field, the calculator will not proceed to the final calculation.

Amount to Be Financed

  • Enter the amount you want to borrow to buy the boat
  • This may be the full purchase price, purchase price less any deposit or trade-in you may choose to include in the deal
  • You may choose to include an additional amount to cover the delivery costs, rego, insurance or other costs associated with the sale.

Interest Rate

  • Interest rates vary and the rate today may not be our best boat finance interest rate when your Jade consultant sources your specific boat finance quote.
  • But for the purpose of this quick estimate, enter the daily interest rate that Jade Finance is advertising for boat finance. You’ll find it on our home web page and many other places across our website.
  • We aware that this rate does not take into account your individual requirements or specific lender boat loan conditions. But it is a great way to calculate a ballpark.

Loan Term

  • Select the number of years you prefer for your boat finance from the drop down selections.


  • Commercial finance products: Chattel Mortgage, Leasing and CHP may include a balloon or residual amount.
  • If you would like to include a balloon, entire the percentage of the total amount you would like as your balloon.


You will see the estimated monthly repayment for boat finance based on the data you entered.

Like what you see? Call Jade Finance for a quote and call that seller to make an offer on that boat!

To vary the monthly estimate simply vary the data amounts.

To calculate the estimate on another boat, just enter the purchase price of that boat.

Be mindful that the device does not have the capacity to predict and allow for individual circumstances so your actual boat finance offer may differ from the estimate.

When the estimate meets your expectations, simply click REQUEST A QUOTE or phone a Jade Finance consultant for a firm quote or to ask questions on our great boat finance deals. Call 1300 000 003

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