Winter – Great Timing for Boat Shows and for Boat Loans

Much of the country may be starting to shiver with the onset of winter and thoughts may be far away from the joys of being out on the water, boating. Except of course for fishing enthusiasts who appreciate the less crowded ramps, less crowded fishing spots and the species that are at their best in the cooler climates. Contrary to natural instincts, winter is a great time to think boating. It is the timing for some of Australia’s most iconic and prestigious boat shows. Winter 2022 could be a very advantageous time to secure a boat loan as the RBA looks like increasing rates again very soon. Reasons why those in the market for a new boat should consider buying in winter include boat shows, supply and current attractive interest rates on boat loans.

Boat shows present opportunities to see a wide selection showcased in the one place. The chance to compare a lot more easily than having to visit multiple dealerships. Supply issues persist across many manufacturing sectors and delaying that order could mean stretching delivery times even further.

But we think the interest rate scenario is probably one of the most compelling reasons to expedite that boat purchase. Australia has enjoyed record low lending rates over a long period and a level complacency may have snuck in. Time for a reality check and time to act.

Let’s take a look at the opps on the boat show calendar and the loan market.

Sanctuary Cove Success

The Sanctuary Cove International Boat Show was once again a massive success. Organisers noted numerous highlights which marked the success of the iconic event:-

  • International and local debuts for numerous models including luxury brands Maritimo, Riviera and Princess.
  • Multihulls selling well and the Trimaran Neel 43 launch.
  • First Australian showing of Sea Fox 328 and Sea-Doo Fish Pro.
  • Trailer boats selling well, especially Whittley’s cruiser SL and the fishing model, the SL.

Plenty more great reports coming out from the show. For those that missed it, circle May next year as a much-attend!

July Boat Shows

Sydney’s turn to host is not far away with the Sydney International Boat Show set to get underway on 28 July at Darling Harbour. Following a few years of COVID disruptions, boating enthusiasts will be thrilled to see this iconic event return to normal proceedings. Both on-water and undercover displays will feature with the event taking over the marina space as well as space in the ICC.

Tickets go on sale this week and it’s sure to be heavily booked. So get in fast to secure your tickets.

The show runs for 5 days until 1 August. We’ll stay across notifications to report back here with updates.

Also on at the same time is the Jeanneau Show at The Spit in Mosman. Being held at the company’s office and marina space at d’Albora Marinas rather than at the main Sydney Boat Show due to issues around availability of some vessels. For those in the market for yacht note that point – limited stock! This is a key reason to select and order your boat to ensure prompt delivery.

This supply issue is the result of numerous factors including the pandemic and microchip shortages and is affecting many industries. Boat buyers wanting quick delivery may need to canvass a broader selection of brands to source a model which meets their budget, requirements and timeframe.

Looking ahead to Melbourne

Victorians that can’t make it north for the Sydney events can look forward to October for the Melbourne Show at Docklands. No details have been released in regard to exhibitors but people can register their interest for updates.

Boat Finance Planning

Regardless of whether you plan to inspect your selection at individual marine dealerships or at one of the upcoming boat shows, securing the boat loan first can be a smart move. Jade Finance offers pre-approved boat loans so our customers are ready to order the moment they find the boat available to purchase.

Pre-approved loans are available at the same interest rates as would apply if the loan application is made after the deal on the boat is done. So they don’t cost more but can add value to the process. Having boat finance pre-arranged provides buyers with confidence to negotiate more strongly on the purchase price. Dealers that know a buyer can place an order immediately may have a tendency to be more flexible on price.

For those unsure of exactly how much they may be approved for, the pre-approved option is ideal. We source quotes based on our customer’s guesstimate of what the boat they want may cost. If the repayments on that quote are outside the customer’s ballpark, we can revise the application to a different loan amount until all loan elements meet the requirements.

Having this information enables buyers to tailor their wish-list to suit their loan affordability range rather than pursue options which do not meet their finance objectives.

For boat buyers keen to get a good deal on both their boat and their boat loan, winter is no time to hibernate. Give us a call to get a quote underway and get out and about to hunt up a great boat deal at a dealership or a boat show. Tip: if you can’t make a boat show in the capital cities, look for many of the outdoor shows in regional areas which also include boat exhibitors.

Contact Jade Finance 1300 000 008 for a pre-approved boat loan in time to buy a new boat this winter.