Holiday planning? Last minute finance for boats and caravans and new car loans

We’re only weeks away from Christmas and the traditional Aussie holiday season. There are sure to be those that are still to lock in their plans and those that need to change plans due to unforeseen circumstances. Changes to holiday plans could result in you looking for last-minute finance for a boat, a caravan or new car loans at cheaper interest rates.

The recent floods in the eastern states have created devastation for those living in the regions and disappointment for those that planned to visit this holiday season. A change of plans may now include buying a boat and heading to the coast.

A higher-than-expected airline ticket price or reduced flight availability may cause a change in plans and buying a car or motorbike for a road trip. The hassles of the year may represent the desire for freedom and getting away from it all in the privacy of your own caravan rather than staying in hotels and other accommodation. Or maybe you’re sticking with your original plans but you just haven’t got around to actually actioning the required purchase.

Whatever major purchase those holiday plans entail, if they require finance, and especially in a hurry, then talk with us about getting it happening. Our consultants can assist by handling the entire loan sourcing, processing and settlement stages so you can concentrate on sourcing the New Car Loans, bike, boat or caravan – a process that may be tricky with current supply issues. So the more time you have for that and the less time spent on sourcing finance, the better the chances of enjoying the holiday.

Finance Options

We handle the full range of consumer finance including:-

For the purchase of new goods, a Secured Loan will be the most suitable for most buyers. The same loan structure applies across the different categories for secured loans.

The standard features of our secured loans include:-

  • The goods are accepted as security against the loan by the lender. In most instances, no additional security would be requested.
  • A fixed interest rate which remains fixed for the full loan term. So even when the RBA announces further rate rises, the rate on the loan and the repayments remain unchanged.
  • The cheapest interest rate is sourced from across our extensive lender accreditations.
  • The loan term is fixed and negotiated as best as possible to suit our customer’s requirements.
  • The repayments are fixed so our customers can budget and plan other purchases.
  • Additional payments are permissible if desired, to pay off the loan earlier. Fees may apply if this occurs.

Getting New Car Loans Quickly

Our broker-style lender services provide significant time-savings for our customers as well as securing the cheapest interest rates. When individuals approach loan sourcing on their own, it can be a timely and confusing process to get quotes from sufficient lenders to be confident they have sourced the best offer. If the finance is for a last-minute purchase, that time may not be sufficient.

Our consultants handle sourcing the quote, getting fast approvals and even assisting through to the final stage to ensure prompt settlement. The same interest rates would apply to an offer, regardless of if the loan is required quickly or according to normal time frames.

Customers can contribute to hastening the process with our checklist of tips and hints.

Applying for Finance: Checklist

  • Establish a clear idea of what you can afford in loan repayments and source the boat, bike, car or caravan that is in line with your expectations. Our finance calculators are great for this purpose.
  • Use the personal finance calculator to get rough repayment estimates ahead of committing to a purchase to save shopping time. Be sure to use the appropriate calculator and interest rate for the loan required.
  • When using a calculator, remember that interest rates advertised may vary from what you are offered. Working up estimates at slightly higher rates may prevent surprises if a higher rate is offered.
  • Allow a little extra in the loan amount above the price advertised by the dealer. This may be required if accessories are required, additional rego, optional extras etc. We note that in some ride away pricing for some motorcycles, the price only includes 6 months and not 12 months of rego. The price is higher for the full first year of rego.
  • With boat purchases, extra safety equipment such as compliant life jackets may be needed as may bait boxes, bimini tops, extra covers or a higher rated outboard motor.
  • For caravans, buyers may want to add extra water tanks or solar power to be self-sufficient for stays at free camping sites or in more remote areas.
  • Prepare as well as possible for the requirements of the loan application. Consumer finance is regulated by ASIC and as a Licensed Credit Provider, we are required to meet those regulations. That includes requesting a range of documents and details from loan applicants.
  • Gather your paperwork – income/pay slips, bank statements, list employment and residential history, prepare a personal balance sheet of what you owe and what you own so you are ready to complete the loan application form on the first discussion with our consultant.

All this preparation can increase the speed at which we can process your application. In addition, the more detailed information we have on your financial position, the better position our consultants will be in to negotiate on your behalf for cheaper interest rates.

So if last minute holiday plans require last minute New Car Loans or looking to purchase a boat, bike or caravan, contact us to get the road trip or water adventure underway.

Contact Jade Finance 1300 000 008 for last minute finance.