Finance for the New Normal

As we emerge from our coronavirus lockdown, the world is being told to prepare for a ‘new normal'. But no one seems brave enough to provide any specifics around exactly what this new normal is going to look like. We just seem to hear incessantly that we are in unprecedented times and things will be different or in place ‘for some time to come’.
What we do know is that we will have social distancing restrictions in place for some time and for many businesses that means restricting capacity in their premises to 4 square metres per person. That may be per customer or per employee. Some employees will be working from home and many customers will be buying online rather than in-person. Transactions will be contactless. Premises have to be cleaned more regularly and very specifically. Every business needs a COVID-safe plan.
In general, business has big changes to contend with as it come out of hibernation. Changes that in many cases will mean investment or expenditure, at a time when the economy is struggling. While governments talk innovation and infrastructure to boost growth in the post-pandemic phase, the average business operator is thinking cheap business finance. Loans to fund all the changes they need to make to operate safely in the new normal.
Jade Finance is your one-stop shop for all your business financing requirements. For asset acquisitions, vehicles, equipment, marine vessels and equipment and general business finance requirements.

Workplace Re configurations

The social distancing rules of 1.5m and the 4sqm capacity will require many workplaces to reconfigure their floor plans. If this means you’ll need a new office fit-out, speak with Jade Finance about your requirements.
Business Vehicles
With capacity restrictions being implemented on public transport, many people will need to drive to work in order to get there on time. This may mean you need to invest in a suitable car or motor bike to make the commute. Our Jade Car Loans people will work with you on that finance no problem.

Equipment to Innovate

The Government is pushing innovation as a driver for economic growth and the pressure is on businesses to come up with new innovations. This may be new equipment to produce new lines of merchandise; earthmoving equipment to diversify into the growing infrastructure sector; manufacturing equipment to produce a new range of goods; or any other equipment which will support your business. With the large number of banks and lenders that we are accredited with, we have access to the best equipment finance to ensure you achieve your projected ROI.

IT, Security and Communications Systems

With some staff working from home and more customers buying online, businesses need to quickly upgrade and strengthen their IT networks to mitigate risks. Jade Finance provides finance for not only the hardware component but also the software required for an upgrade. When speaking with your Jade consultant, remember to consider including the additional expenses associated with any network installations in the loan. This may be installation, commissioning or training.

Trucks and Transport

Unsurprisingly, online shopping and delivery services spiked during the lockdown phases and some analysts are predicting this trend to continue. Increasing the work for delivery truck owners and presenting opportunities for business to set-up their own delivery services. Our Truck Loan consultants are specialists in this area of finance and will work with you to structure your loan to suit your business and the truck.

Health and Medical Facilities

With Health Ministers calling for people to continue to come forward for testing for coronavirus for some time to come, the medical sector is uppermost in most people’s minds. Unfortunately waiting rooms and treatment areas are not all configured to suit the new restrictions and may need refitting. Your practice may also be considering investing in new equipment to expand your capacity to provide care and treatment in a wider range of areas. We can offer a number of commercial finance products to fund your assets in a structure to suit sole practitioners, partnerships, medical centres, hospitals and treatment facilities.

Recreation and Sport Equipment

The spike in the purchase of home gym equipment was clear evidence of Australia’s love of sport and exercise. As we emerge from lockdown, equipped with our own covid-kilos, there is sure to be a stampede back to the gym and fitness centres. But centres may need to reconfigure to comply with the new restrictions. This may involve expanding your space and investing in more machines. If so, call your Jade Finance consultant and discuss your requirements.

Finance Options

These are just a few of the businesses and industries that we have identified as possibly requiring finance to adapt to the new normal.
Your Jade Finance consultant can assist with the full range of commercial finance products to suit sole traders, partnerships, SMEs and corporations.
Contact Jade Finance 1300 000 008 and discuss your requirements to adapt to the new normal with one of our highly trained consultants.