Achieving those Christmas Wish List Buys

With millions of Australians locked down for multiple months, for some almost the entire winter season, the opportunities to get out and about to buy major goods has been a no-no. Spirits have been deflated and many are looking to uplift their frame of mind with that special purchase for themselves in time for the Christmas holiday season. With the run into Christmas pretty much upon us and stock of some items in short supply, placing orders or purchasing now could be a good moves.

Global supply chains especially the shortage of computer chips, has resulted in production shutdowns and pauses in many overseas manufacturing plants. These include for motor vehicles, motorbikes and components and parts required by local manufacturers of caravans and boats.

With order books filling, buyers wanting to secure the goods of their choice need to make decisions and take action quickly. Fortunately, we don’t have delays in regards to loans with quick quotes, fast approvals and prompt settlements across our consumer loan portfolio.

Adding to the appeal of indulging oneself in a special buy to make up for what has been a pretty ordinary year on many fronts, is the current low interest rate lending scene. The Reserve Bank of Australia (RBA) which effectively determines without actually setting the lender rates, has left the official cash rate on hold at a historic low since November 2020. The official cash rate was held steady at the RBA Board meeting on 7 September and this is the rate that banks and other lenders use to determine their individual rates on different types of loans.

Currently, Jade Finance  lending rates for new cars, bikes, boats and caravans are extremely low which means cheaper loans for those special buys. Time to treat yourself? Check out our loan offers on the goods you are interested in purchasing or just get moving and apply for a loan.

Click ‘n Collect Now for Christmas

With extended lockdowns closing many dealerships and buying a boat or a car not considered essential under most health orders, some buyers feel that have had to delay their purchases. But have you considered click ‘n collect? While most associate this service with weekly groceries, hardware supplies, shoes and clothing, it is possible to order boats, cars, bikes and caravans via online services.

In the new car market, faced with extended showroom closures, dealers have needed to find new ways to engage and connect with potential customers. Many have done so via online resources. Motor vehicle manufacturers and dealers have expanded their websites with extensive visuals and other experiential resources to empower buyers to make their buying decisions from home.

Other sectors including marine and caravans have followed suit with extensive videos posted online so buyers can immerse in as full an experience of the goods as possible.

Once a buying decision has been made, Jade Finance makes it easy and quick to source the loan required to finalise the purchase via our online tools. Interest rates vary across the different categories of loans so a good place to start is on our webpage for the specific goods you are buying – cars, bikes, caravans or boats. This will ensure you are referring to our current interest rate and loan product for that specific category.

For each category we have provided a Lender Comparison Chart which is also a loan repayment calculator. We list a range of banks, finance companies and other lenders that are active in that category. The type of loan offered by that lender for those goods is shown along with their interest rate and comparison rate. For an explanation of comparison rates, please refer to our webpage.

All you have to do to get repayment estimates on any number of makes and models you are considering is to enter the loan amount and preferred loan term. The monthly repayment estimate automatically displays alongside each lender.

For a firm quote, just give us a call or apply online. Yes, the next stages of acquiring a loan can also be completed online, or by click n collect! As Licensed Credit Providers we adhere to the Responsible Lender Guidelines so we will need to request a range of information from you in regard to financial status etc.

Our loan service is completed in a contactless way so you can access cheap interest rate finance for the goods you want without leaving home. But if you want that special something under the Christmas tree, you may need to get moving to place your order.

  • Accelerate New Car Purchases: delays in motor vehicle production globally are causing delays in delivery of some makes in Australia. It may be a good idea to be open minded in regard to make/model and secure an ‘available now’ vehicle.
  • Preparing for the Boating Season: with many boat shows cancelled, buyers may need to refer to dealer online resources and make phone enquiries about stock availability and place orders.
  • Planning the Summer Caravan Holiday: supply of caravans has been low so phone around the different manufacturers to see which dealer has stock available for delivery in time for your holiday.
  • Ride Away on a New Motorbike: check out the latest online and place your order.

When making any purchase online, always follow due diligence in every respect and refer to the ACCC Scamwatch website for alerts in regard to online fraud and scams. Our advertised interest rates are for new goods but loans for used goods are available at cheap interest rates.

Contact Jade Finance by phone 1300 000 008 or online to secure your loan to make your wish list purchase.