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Jade Finance is your leisure and lifestyle finance broker. We put more pleasure into your leisure with the best interest rates on your lifestyle purchases - boat, yacht, caravan, jet ski, camper, motorhome, RV, cruiser, fishing boat, houseboat, 5th Wheeler and many other items.

Nothing takes the pleasure out of enjoying a day out on your boat or a holiday in your caravan faster than reflecting on the high interest rate loan you signed up for. Jade Finance simply won’t let that happen with your Jade Finance leisure and lifestyle loans. We guarantee that every loan offer we make is based on the cheapest interest rates possible for your loan.

The Lower the Interest Rates the Higher Your Leisure Enjoyment

When seeking a loan for leisure goods – boats, jetskis, caravans, campers etc – cut straight through the noise of loan ads and come straight to Jade Finance for the cheapest interest rate loans. We save you time and hassle by making our best offer our first offer, no need to haggle and no need for you to shop around for low interest loans. We do the shopping for you.

Jade Finance is accredited with multiple banks and lenders so we have access to a whole range of loans that are specifically designed for what you are buying. Not a generic personal loan or business finance package that you may be offered by the bank.

With our strong bargaining power and finely honed negotiating skills, your Jade consultant will compare the interest rates on offer from a range of our lenders, negotiate that rate down and then make you our low interest rate loan offer.

If you apply for a loan at the bank - you’ve only considered one interest rate offer.

If you make a spontaneous, impulsive decision and sign-up to the dealer/seller’s finance deal thinking it will save you time – you’ve only considered one interest rate offer.

Jade Finance eliminates the FOMO! We widen your options by being able to consider multiple interest rates to find you the best interest rate. And we do it quickly.

As experienced finance brokers, we are working for you and only you. And we don’t like to be beaten on interest rates so we try that much harder! The effort is well worth it because we’re saving you, our customers, potentially loads of money to enjoy on something else. A small difference in the interest rate can add up to a large amount over the term of your loan.

Our best leisure loan interest rates guarantee applies to both personal loans and business finance packages.

Best Interest Rates Guarantee

Interest rates will vary from lender to lender depending on whether or not they provide leisure goods loans, how they price their funds, their access to funds and global economic conditions. They will also vary according to individual credit profiles and risk assessment, the type and condition of the boat, caravan or jetski you are purchasing and the amount of the loan.

But with Jade Finance, you’re guaranteed that considering all these factors, we will still offer you the best interest rate on your leisure or lifestyle loan. We share your aspirations and we want to ensure they become realities with cheap interest rate loans.

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When utilising the interest rate loan calculator, please be mindful of these possible key points: The resulting regular monthly payment that is determined is not a specific finance quote, it is not a finance offer as well as it does not mean your application has actually been approved for that, or any other financing. The finance amount that you submit may not be the final total amount loaned as there may be added loan fees and costs used by the loan provider or bank. You can include an extra amount in the finance total to allow for your costs in relation to insurance coverage, extended warranty or extra amounts associated with what you are buying.
This calculator is developed to offer quote estimates based upon the input information only. It does not take into consideration individual application variances. The financing offer as well as repayment figure you receive from your Jade professional may be greater or less than the outcome you have calculated.
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