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Jade Finance is a full service, Aussie finance broker and our range of business finance products includes sourcing unsecured business loans. We are a well-established and highly experienced company with expertise across the full spectrum of commercial finance in all industry sectors.

We are regularly working with business customers that require an unsecured loan for a range of purposes. Some business owners have naturally approached their bank or another lender directly, and quickly realised that the process is daunting and/or such a loan type can be expensive or restrictive. Once they approach Jade Finance, there quickly understand the significant benefits of having an experience finance broker handle their finance requirements.

Key Features: Unsecured Business Loans

  • Business seek unsecured loans for a range of purposes and we know which lenders will extend the best offers with the best interest rates and most favourable terms and conditions.
  • Finance is extended without asset security being provided against the loan.
  • The interest rate on unsecured loans is usually higher than the comparable secured loan.
  • Your Jade consultant will secure the cheapest interest rate available by assessing a range of sources and negotiating the best deal.
  • Interest rate may be fixed or variable. Your Jade consultant will discuss the benefits of each and together, arrive at the best option for your loan.
  • The loan term is fixed. While some banks only offer up to 3 years for unsecured business loans, your Jade consultant will negotiate a loan term that best suits your objectives, depending on individual lender requirements.
  • The monthly loan repayments are fixed for the term of the loan.
  • You can make additional payments to finalise the loan before the loan term.
  • You can finalise the complete loan before the end of the term.
  • For fixed interest rate loans, minimal break fees apply. For variable interest rate loans, no break fees apply.
  • Individual lenders have minimum and maximum amounts for unsecured loans. Your Jade consultant knows which lenders will best suit your requirements.
  • Individual lenders have guidelines for what purposes they will or will not offer unsecured loans. If you have been rejected for an unsecured loan by one bank or lender, your Jade consultant knows which lenders to approach so please – start the conversation.

Flexible, Workable Loans to Support Your Business

Your Jade consultant is working for you and only you and will bring the full strength of Jade’s impressive bargaining power and their expert negotiating skills to your loan requirements. We listen closely to our clients to fully understand their objectives and adopt a positive and progressive approach to sourcing the best loan offer.

Handling business finance on your own can be time-consuming, frustrating and expensive. At Jade Finance we save you time, hassles and money with our streamlined, comprehensive service and expertise to source the cheapest unsecured business loans, quickly!

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