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Truck Financing Calculator | Truck Loans

Jade Finance delivers the process of estimating truck loan repayments directly to your device with our self-serve truck loan calculator. Even when you’re out on the road or flat out in the office managing your transport business you can still get moving on your truck purchase by instantly comparing estimates on various trucks.

The calculator will give you a ballpark monthly repayment on as many truck purchase prices as you want to compare.

Your Monthly Repayment:

Total Number of Repayments
Total Interest Paid
Balance Remaining


A few data entries and you’ll have the estimates you want in a few seconds. Ensure you enter data into all essential fields or the calculator won’t proceed to a result.

Amount to be Financed

  • The first field requests you enter the total amount you want to finance your truck.
  • This amount may be the purchase price less any deposit or trade-in, the purchase price alone or the purchase price plus an allowance for dealer stamps, delivery costs, rego, insurance and other expenses for the sale.

Interest Rate

  • For the ease of this estimate, enter the current Jade Finance interest rate we are advertising.
  • Rates vary and our consultants are superb negotiators so your actual interest rate may differ from today’s rate

Finance Terms

  • Enter the number of years you would like to repay your truck finance.
  • Lenders will vary as to what they allow for Truck Leases, Chattel Mortgage, Rent to Own and CHP, but for this purpose, enter what you think is a realistic timeframe.

Balloon Amount

  • Enter the percentage of the purchase price you would like for your balloon for a CHP or Chattel Mortgage or residual or buyback for lease or rent to own truck deal.
  • A balloon is an option but may prove effective to move forward with your business objectives.


The calculator automatically calculates a ballpark monthly repayment based on the amounts you have entered. To vary the figure, adjust the term, balloon or the total amount to be finance. For a ballpark on another truck, start again and enter that purchase price.

When that ballpark meets your expectations, just call Jade Finance for a firm quote on your truck finance. The calculator does not have the functionality to make allowances for individual applications, so your actual quote may differ from the estimate.

When you’re ready to move forward on your truck finance or want additional information, simply click REQUEST A QUOTE or phone a Jade Finance consultant for a firm quote or to ask questions on our cheap truck finance deals. Call 1300 000 003

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