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For individual buying a car for personal use, a Personal Secured Car Loan is the most popular option. It suits most people, most cars, is straight-forward and includes Jade’s cheap interest rates. While you might be tempted to simply apply for car loan through your bank or just accept the finance offered by the car dealer – stop and think. Jade Finance offers significant benefits over these options which will save you time, hassle and most importantly, money.

As your personal finance broker, your Jade Finance consultant has the experience, negotiating skills, expertise and bargaining power to secure you a cheaper car loan. No cookie-cutter, tick boxes car loans with Jade. We know how to present the most positive aspects of your application so you receive the cheapest offer and we tailor the secured car loan to suit your requirements.

Key Features

  • Jade’s cheap interest rates assurance.
  • Interest rate fixed for the term of your car loan so you have confidence moving forward with your life plans.
  • The monthly repayments are set to suit your budget and fixed for the full term of the car loan period.
  • No deposit is requested by the lender.
  • You may include on-road costs, rego and other expenses relating to the car purchase in the overall loan amount.
  • Term of the loan, ie the number of years you will be paying it off, is fixed. Your Jade consultant will negotiate with the lender to achieve the term and repayments that you want.
  • Lender uses the car as collateral security against your car loan while you have full use and ownership of the car from the date the loan and purchase is completed. The security is registered with relevant authorities and released when you have finalised all payments. If you default on your car loan, the lender has the right to repossess the vehicle to recover any outstanding monies owed.
  • You are responsible for rego, insurance, maintenance and other expenses.
  • Additional payments can be made so you pay your car off earlier than the fixed term.
  • You can decide to pay out the car loan before the agreed loan term. In this instance, minimal ‘break fees’ will apply. This is a fee charged by the lender for ‘breaking the loan agreement’. If you think you might choose to do this in the future, ask your Jade consultant for details.
  • Suitable for new and used cars.
  • Suitable for cars purchased from an authorised dealer, private seller or at auction.

Your Jade Finance consultant can assist with the paperwork and other issues including REVs checks, interstate issues if buying an out-of-state vehicle and can organise pre-approved finance to give you greater confidence when dealing with private sellers or buying at auction.

Trying to decide how much you’ll pay for the car you want? Use our online calculator for a repayment estimate. You can use if for as many cars as you’d like to compare.

Speak with a Jade Finance Consultant to discuss a secured car loan for your car purchase. Call 1300 000 003

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