Personal Debt Consolidation

Jade Finance provides a highly personalised and professional Personal Debt Consolidation service for individuals from a wide range of backgrounds, with varying credit profiles and with just as many life aspirations to realise.

Consolidating your debt can be an effective strategy to move forward in achieving your financial goals and in life generally. If your debts are holding you back, then consolidation could be a way forward for you.

The process involves combining all or some of the loans and other debts you have, into the one single loan to simplify and streamline your financial life.

If you’re currently juggling multiple monthly repayments on multiple debts, rolling them into the one monthly payment can ease pressure on your budget and the time you spend attending to your personal finance requirements.

Jade Finance consultants are highly trained, fully licensed financial professionals who are ideally qualified to assist you with Personal Debt Consolidation.

Key Features of Debt Consolidation:

  • You will be assigned a personal Jade Finance consultant who will work closely with you through the entire process. Your consultant will listen to your story to fully understand your current situation and your objectives – what you hope to achieve with Debt Consolidation.
  • Based on your individual requirements, you consultant will prepare a plan and process to move forward with consolidating your debts. This plan will be discussed with you in detail.
  • On acceptance and agreement of the proposal, your Jade consultant will proceed to source you a quote for a loan to consolidate all or some of your debts into the one personal loan product.
  • To consolidate personal debt, the loan products available include: Personal Secured Loan and Unsecured Personal Loan.
  • Personal Secured Loan: if your current debts involve assets, these may be used as security against a loan. This type of loan includes a fixed interest rate, fixed loan term and fixed monthly repayments. You can make additional payments and pay out the loan early with minimal break fees.
  • Unsecured Personal Loan: no security is offered against the loan so interest rates are higher than a secured loan. Interest rate may be fixed or variable, loan term and repayments are fixed and you can pay out the loan early without break fees.
  • Jade’s signature cheap interest rates policy apply to all debt consolidation loans.
  • Your Jade consultant will source a quote for the most appropriate Debt Consolidation loan to suit your circumstances. You are under no obligation to accept the quote, but be assured, it will be the best Debt Consolidation loan available that meets your profile.
  • On acceptance of the quote, your Jade consultant will proceed to process your application, set up the loan and liaise with the lenders for both your new loan and to finalise the debts you are consolidating.

At Jade Finance we ensure the Debt Consolidation process is as streamlined and stress-free for our customers as possible. We deliver a workable financial solution so they can move forward to achieving their financial goals with a greatly improved and positive outlook.

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