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Jade Finance has provided this calculator as a free tool to calculate the repayment estimates on personal loans for consumer purchases such as cars, boats, motorbikes and caravans using our advertised consumer interest rates.

When you refer to our advertised interest rates you will see today’s consumer rate and a comparison interest rate which is always slightly higher. Understanding the difference is important to making your financial decisions.

Comparison Interest Rates: Brief Explainer

  • Comparison Interest Rates are different from ‘comparing interest rates from different lenders’
  • The Comparison Interest Rate is calculated as the interest rate on the entire amount of a loan including most fees and charges and the initial amount borrowed.
  • Comparison Interest Rate is calculated at the relevant Consumer Interest Rate but as the fees and charges increase the total amount borrowed, the loan amount is larger and it is then that increased amount is divided by the number of months of the loan term, to arrive at a Comparison Interest Rate.
  • Lenders and credit providers, such as Jade Finance, are required under consumer law, to display the Comparison Interest Rate and the details of the specific loan on which that rate was calculated.
  • As Comparison Interest Rates will differ depending on the differing elements of each loan: fees, charges, total loan amount, interest rate and loan term: it is not possible to quote a generic comparison interest rate.
  • Comparison Interest Rates are specific to that particular loan example.
  • If you are comparing loan offers from different lenders based on exactly the same loan specifications, then you should compare the comparison interest rates which will give you an indication of the amount of fees and charges included. A lower comparison interest rate will be the cheaper loan offer.
  • The bottom line – you can’t calculate a Comparison Interest Rate using a generic calculator as you don’t have the fees and charges to add to the loan amount. At this initial stage of your loan enquiry, you simply don’t have all the information.

Using Our Calculator

While you need more information in order to calculate the Comparison Interest Rate on your loan, you can use this calculator for a repayments estimate using our consumer interest rate. When your Jade consultant takes your loan enquiry to the next level and secures an offer for you which includes any fees and charges, they will then provide you with the Comparison Interest Rate on that loan. You are under no obligation to accept an offer.

Using this calculator is a great way to move your aspirations toward realisation. You can input different values to assist in making buying decisions about one model or another, or one brand or another.

It’s a great self-serve option so you can ‘browse’ various repayments on your wish list items.


Loan Amount Field

  • Enter the purchase price of the item you want to purchase or the amount you want to borrow.

Interest Rate

  • As explained above, for the purpose of arriving at a ballpark right now, enter our advertised consumer interest rate for today.
  • Keeping in mind that interest rates change regularly and your Jade consultant will be employing their negotiating skills to get you the cheapest rate.

Loan Term

  • Enter the number of years you would like to repay the loan.
  • Consumer loans usually range from 2 to 4 years.

Now check you have completed all essential fields and it’s time for the big reveal.


If this is what you expect and you’re ready to move on, contact Jade Finance and one of our friendly consultants will handle your loan and secure you a quick quote for your consideration. This quote will include details of the comparison interest rate for your specific purchase.

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