Car Finance Calculator

With ease and convenience, Jade Finance parks car loan repayment estimates right in your domain with our car finance calculator. A must-have tool for anyone considering the purchase of a motor vehicle but can’t decide which one or wondering which car is within your budget.

Car Loan Calculator

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The calculator can be used for estimating monthly repayments for Jade business car finance products including Chattel Mortgage, CHP, Leasing and Rental and Jade personal car loans within seconds. This self-serve facility means no traffic jams for ballpark figures. Simply enter the amounts for any car and you’ll receive your estimate.

With all the data entered and the essential fields completed you are ready to receive your estimate.

Click Calculate and Instantly See Your Monthly Repayment Estimate

This is a generic device so it does not have functionality for individual application conditions or to make allowance for the skills of your Jade Finance consultant in negotiating you the best car finance deal.

This is an estimate only, based on the figures you have entered.

Vary the balloon and the term and you can see how that changes the monthly payment. For an estimate on another car, just enter those amounts.

If the estimate is doable for you and you’re ready to proceed, it’s time to accelerate your Jade Finance car loan.

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With all the data entered and the essential fields completed you are ready to receive your estimate.

  • In the first field, enter the total amount of your loan. This can be just the purchase price, the purchase price less your trade-in or any deposit you choose to contribute, or the price plus on-road costs, registration, dealer delivery charges for new cars, auction house charges and other expenses. Your Jade consultant will confirm at quote stage whether the lender will permit all these additional costs in the loan.

  • Jade Interest rates vary for personal and business car finance and vary on a regular basis due to market fluctuations and across our lender base. The rate also varies according to certain factors on individual loan applications. For the purpose of achieving this quick estimate, just enter the current advertised Jade interest rate.

  • Select the number of years that you would ideally like to repay the loan. For personal car loans, typically this would be 2-4 years. For business car finance, this can range from 2-6 years.

  • Business finance products such as CHP, Leasing, Chattel Mortgage and Rental include the option for a balloon, residual or buyback amount. This is a percentage of the purchase price which is deferred for payment when all monthly repayments are finalised. With car leasing the ATO determines the residual. This is an option but can be useful for increasing the affordability of your car purchase by reducing the monthly repayments. Select a percentage of the purchase price that you consider appropriate.

Car Finance Calculator FAQ's

We have attempted to set out our car finance calculator in an easy to follow and easy to use format. But we appreciate that users may still have doubts and questions around using this function. It can be a very useful resource in both selecting your vehicle and structuring you finance. We want you to feel confident in using this facility so we have provided responses to some typical queries which some people may have. If you have another question which is not addressed here, please reach out to our consultants at 1300 000 008.

  • No. The use of the calculator is in no way an application for car loan. Using this function is in no way an indication or inference that a loan application has been submitted, an offer made or a loan approved. It is purely a calculating device to assist with comparing vehicles, comparing loans and planning how you would like your loan structured. In order to formally apply for a car loan, you can apply over the phone or use an online form. There is no obligation to proceed when you commence a loan application or when you request a quote to follow up your use of the calculator.

  • Yes. The calculator is a general device, set up to calculate repayments on the values as entered. We have the interest rate at our best current rate for vehicle loans. The generic nature of the device is that it provides a useful resource to compare possible repayments on a number of different cars you are considering, to get a rough ballpark on finance or to assist in planning any refinancing. To calculate the estimated repayments to refinance an existing car loan or the balloon or residual, simply follow the same steps. Enter the full loan amount, your preferred loan term and the value of any balloon/residual you choose to include. The calculate configures the repayments and shows a rough estimate on how much would still be owing. When considering refinancing, keep in mind any break fees which may apply to finalising your existing loan early which will be in addition to fees and charges on establishing the new finance contract.

  • The balloon is a part of the purchase price or loan amount which is deferred for payment after all repayments are finalised at the end of the finance term. This element is an option some finance facilities: for a Secured Car Loan =, Chattel Mortgage and CHP it is referred to as a balloon and with Leasing and Salary Sacrifice as the residual. The concept is the same. It is usually referred to as a percentage but the calculator allows you to enter a fixed dollar value. You can easily see how by varying the amount of the balloon the repayment amount changes. The balloon is due for payment after the last monthly repayment and can be paid either with cash or you can consider refinancing the balloon or residual through the same or a different lender with a new loan.

  • The most popular choice of loan term for vehicles is 4-7 years but the calculator offers you a range of timeframes to choose from. Lenders may apply a time limit to finance terms but that would be individually addressed and determined by details of the individual application and in some instances, the vehicle being purchased. When using the calculator, you can easily see how varying the loan term changes the repayment amount. If you arrive at a loan term which delivers a repayment amount that meets your best case requirements, you can make a request to a lender for that term as your preference. By selecting an extremely long finance term, the amount owed on the car in the later period of the term may exceed the value of the vehicle, which may be an issue worth considering.

  • The calculator is a general device and details about the vehicle itself are not required to be entered.Finance is available for all types of cars including popular passenger styles such as sedans, wagons and hatchbacks as well as SUVs. This also includes the popular work vehicles including utes, cab chassis and even light commercial vans. The calculator can be used to calculate repayment estimates for petrol, diesel, hybrid and fully electric vehicles and new and used vehicles.

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