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Personal Loan Calculator

Jade Finance has provided this handy, easy-to-use calculator to allow you to calculate the estimated repayments on personal loans. We provide personal loans for a wide range of purchases including cars, boats, motorbikes, lifestyle goods and caravans and you can use the calculator for these purchases.

Interest Rate Calculator

To assist with planning your purchases and acquisitions, Jade Finance provides free use of tools to calculate key estimates in regard to loans on different personal items and business assets.

Truck Loan Calculator

Jade Finance delivers the process of estimating truck loan repayments directly to your device with our self-serve truck loan calculator. Even when you’re out on the road or flat out in the office managing your transport business you can still get moving on your truck purchase by instantly comparing estimates on various trucks.

Caravan Finance Calculator

Jade Finance shares your passion for the freedom and flexibility offered by a caravanning lifestyle. While you’re on the road, at your favourite idyllic location or even at home dreaming of buying a motorhome or RV, you can easily calculate caravan finance repayments.

Car Finance Calculator

With ease and convenience, Jade Finance parks car loan repayment estimates right in your domain with our car finance calculator. A must-have tool for anyone considering the purchase of a motor vehicle but can’t decide which one or wondering which car is within your budget.

Equipment Finance Calculator

Jade Finance simplifies the process of budgeting and projections for the purchase of business equipment, by placing this equipment finance calculator at your fingertips.

Commercial Hire Purchase Calculator

Jade Finance provides use of this calculator tool, free of charge to all businesses for the convenience of calculating repayment estimates on the acquisition of assets with Commercial Hire Purchase (CHP).

Novated Lease Repayment Calculator

Jade Finance has simplified the decision-making process around Novated Leases with provision of our repayment calculator.

Boat Finance Calculator

Jade Finance makes the decision about what boat to buy a lot easier with our boat finance calculator. While you’re browsing the boat sale sites, flipping through brochures or inspecting a possible at a boat show or marina, you can calculate an estimated repayment on a particular boat on the spot.

Chattel Mortgage Calculator

Jade Finance provides this free calculator tool for all businesses to quickly and easily calculate estimated repayments for the acquisition of assets with a Chattel Mortgage.

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