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All Types of Loans for All Types of Boats

While many banks and financial institutions don’t even offer specific boat loans, Jade Finance is a specialist in marine finance and offers loans and finance packages for all types of boats.

Flexible Loan Options for:

  • Inboard and outboard boat loans
  • Sail boats and power boats loans
  • Finance packages for commercial vessels
  • Loans for ski boats, speedboats and fishing boats
  • Cheaper loans for yachts and multi-hulls
  • Better finance for top-of-the-range cruisers
  • Family runabout finance that works with your household budget
  • Houseboat finance that suits your lifestyle
  • Loans for new and used boats, custom-builds and boat restoration projects

Flexible, Workable Options for Private Loans and Commercial Finance

As a broker, our primary interest is you, not the stockholders and stakeholders. We’re not restricted to the limited loan selection that banks will offer you. We source a quote for your loan from the over 40 lenders we’re accredited with, so we can know we are offering you the best deal possible. And we make that best offer first-up. Eliminating the tiresome haggling.

Whether it’s a personal purchase or business investment, we can source the best boat loans and marine finance packages, based on better interest rates.

  • Unsecured and Secured Boat Loans
  • Flexible Terms, up to 7 years, to suit your cash flow
  • Chattel Mortgage, CHP and leasing options for marine businesses
  • Fixed interest rates so you can plan your future
  • Workable balloon payment options to ensure monthly repayments fit your budget

Fast Approvals, Streamlined Service for Private, Dealer and Online Purchases

Our Jade Marine Finance and Boat Loan consultants are not only highly trained and credentialed, they are across the general boat trading scene and understand boats and all elements of the buying process.

With this industry knowledge, we streamline the entire boat loan procedure and provide you with additional assistance.

  • We offer better loans for boat broker and dealer purchases. Beware of getting drawn into a dealer finance offer! It’s highly likely you’ll also be paying for someone else’s kickback or commission.
  • Buying from a private seller can be challenging. Your Jade Boat Loans consultant will assist you overcome any issues by checking REVS for any encumbrances, ensuring the goods are not stolen by confirming the boat identifiers and verifying that the seller’s details are correct.
  • We understand the online boat sales market and provide our same streamlined process, fast approvals and assistance to both online and in-person purchases.
  • Capture that elusive ‘great deal’ faster with our pre-approval service. If considering buying from an overseas seller, speak with one of our Jade Boat Loan consultants for special advice on international boat sales.


Jade Finance – The Better Boat Loan Solution

Selecting a finance option for your boat loan can be even more difficult than finding the right boat. By selecting Jade Finance from the outset, you have made the decision that will set you up with a better boat loan based on professional advice and an enviable reputation and depth of experience and expertise.

Jade Finance is an Australian owned company, established in 1998, with a locally-based team of consultants that understand the boat buying process and focus totally on getting the best boat loan for you.

As a member of the FBAA, we have adopted the Code of Practice for our industry which is overseen by the Credit Ombudsman Service Limited (COSL). This is your assurance that you are dealing with people who know their business and abide by a strong commitment to genuinely assisting their customers achieve their financial objectives.

We operate across a wide range of financial loans and lending products and are accredited with over 40 lenders which gives us access to hundreds of loan and finance products. Our Jade Consultants, who are trained and licenced in the finance field, have the in-depth skill and knowledge of the marine finance industry to source the best loan for you from a broad range of options.

As a finance broker, our focus is YOU and achieving the best outcome for your boat purchase deal.

Better Rates, Better Loans – Why?

Because Jade Finance is Better

Jade Finance is a totally independent finance broker so we’re working for you, not the banks and financial institutions. With access to most lenders, means great choices in loan options for you. We’re not limited to only what an individual bank or finance company can offer you nor are we restricted by their stringent guidelines.

This wider selection and our extensive knowledge and experience means better loans for you and our ability to structure the package to suit YOU, not the bank.

  • Loans for Personal Purchases
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Finance Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Repayment Terms which are set to suit you
  • Low Docs Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans
  • Loans for Personal Purchases
  • Finance Packages for Small, Medium and Large Businesses
  • Secured and Unsecured Loans
  • Repayment Terms which are set to suit you
  • Low Docs Loans
  • Bad Credit Loans

About Jade Finance

The financial services sector is a continually evolving industry with new players constantly emerging on the scene and existing companies expanding their range of services. Amidst these developments, Jade Finance has been a strong, stable and extremely well-regarded company in the sector for many years.

Australian-owned with a focus on our customers, Jade has built its reputation on enabling customers to achieve their goals through exceptional service and delivery of the best finance products available.

A member of the FBAA, a nationally recognised Code of Practice governed by the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA), Jade is staffed with fully qualified, well-trained, licensed professionals who are specialists in their field. As a company, we are committed to our clients and you can be assured that your Jade consultant will work constantly and consistently in your best interests at all times.

Your Australian Lifestyle Finance Broker

Jade Finance is an Australian-owned finance business so we identify with and share your aspirations and we’re committed to empowering you to turn them into reality with great finance deals at the best interest rates.

Think of Jade as your lifestyle finance broker! We offer loans for both personal and business purposes. For work and play.

Sensational Caravan Finance to get you out and about on holidays or on that great adventure.
Cost-effective Truck Finance and Loan Packages to drive your business
Buoyant Boat Loans and Marine Finance Deals to float your dreams
Cheap Motor bike loans to rev up your lifestyle
Accelerated Car Loans to put you in the driver’s seat faster

Whatever your lifestyle aspirations, your Jade Finance consultant will assist you through every stage of the loan process to make them a reality. You of course make all the decision while we handle all the details and paperwork for you. As independent finance brokers we’re working for you and working hard for you.

  • If you only want to discuss a quote – no problem
  • If you have credit issues or no docs – no problem
  • If you have a multitude of questions – no problem
  • If you’ve never even applied for a loan – no problem

Your Jade Finance Consultant is ready to discuss everything with you. And you’ll quickly appreciate that we not only know finance but we are right across the car, motor bike, truck, caravan and boat markets with plenty of information to share on many aspects of the purchase process.

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